October 31, 2006

My girlypal Quilting Girl is very very much the most kickass friend. (a highly linkefied post; please spend the time)

1. In response to my Hey Doll post, she sent me these 2 horrific images: Eek! Egad!

2. She gives the
best gifts. Including this:


3. An ever-vigilant TBDOA spotter, she sends me frequent spottings from her cell phone. She also comrehends that the TBDOA-Like Phenomena, such as BDDASS (Baby Dolls Dressed as Animals of Some Sort) may be even more horrifying than the actual original abomination of TBDOA.

4. She is a fan of the back-and-forth prank gift, like the
Uruguayan cigarettes we found in the NYC cab, or the gigantic underwire from our hotel room in Boston. Both have been regifted at least 4 times. I wonder what occasion will prompt the next appearance? Bwahahahahahaaaaaa!

5. Together we flee the horror of the
Boo Bah.

6. She was almost as excited about
Monkey's visit as I was; especially on Bring-Your-Monkey-to-Work Day.

7. Her directions to places include celebrities' houses, like
navigating to a restaurant via Michael Bolton.

8. She gives

9. Together we produce the most
kickass yearbook a middle school has ever had! Yes, and we won a major award!!

10. Thanks to QG, "
I want that big red cock" is now part of my weekly lexicon.

11. These are her Halloween pumpkins:

Halloween Pumpkins 009

Halloween Pumpkins 002

Halloween Pumpkins 001

12. She was with me on my
Big Night. She got why it was such a big deal.

13. She introduced me to Dar Williams. Now I get it.

14. She
never comes to a party empty-handed.

15. She kept (and added to) a giant jar of chewed chewing gum on her dresser when she was in middle school.

16. She lets me be her roommate every year in Boston (on the 3-day field trip to hell), and gives me the big comfy Queen bed. I think it is because she thinks I am elderly.

17. She teaches math. The kids love her.

18. She gave me this wonderfulness, and I think the fabulosity of this gift pretty much says it all:



A book of horrors! YESSS!!!!!!
Teddy bears who dress up and then travel!!!


19. We listen to each other's bitching. Bitching is the BEST!

20. We never get tired of each other, even when we tell the same story about our church giggles over & over & over.


Lee Ann said...

Happy Halloween!

LBseahag said...

wow...she's awesome...and she carved Jesus in that pumpkin!!!!

jiggs said...

quilting girl sounds awesome. She sounds like your version of tasty.

Kat said...

Friends are squishy. Kinda like Teddy Bears...even if...even if they have style issues.

Anonymous said...

I think November 1st should be Quilting Girl day.

Can I see some of her quilts!?

Spinning Girl said...

If we are lucky, she will show some!

Quilting Girl said...

I can't even begin to tell you how special I feel right now. It's easy to be the bestest when you're always around the bestest!!! I heart you! :)

Quilts to come... I think! ;)