September 13, 2006

Nostalgika XII: The Mighty Planets!

I found this picture that my baby sister (Tuuna Taco) made for me in 1981, when she was 8 years old. Notice the detail and accuracy of her depiction of our vast solar system! Pay particular attention to Jupiter's lesser ring, the mighty jewel Saturn with her majestic ornamentation, the dusty rings of Uranus and the blue methane atmosphere of Neptune. See lost stepchild Pluto in its errant orbit, and the distant nebulae and comets, viewed through the eyes of the astronauts in the passing spaceship. See the asteroids, clustered and crowded between rocky, canal-ridden Mars and the bloated sphere of Jupiter. The subtle beauty of a ring galaxy is seen in the distance, as the sun looms close to the inner planets.

No painter trapped on Earth ever imagined a world so strange and lovely.


Lee Ann said...

That is great. It is so colorful!
It reminds me of a science project that I did in 6th grade. I made the solar system out of styrofoam balls. I painted them, stood them up with wire coming from styrofoam bases on a big sheet of plywood. Then I cut different colored felt in the shapes of the different countries and put them on the world with straight pins.
I got first place...the next year there were a whole bunch of solar systems (none of them won).

jamwall said...

i've got to send you something of an esoteric nature.

i haven't forgotten!

Madge said...

When Pluto was one of nine...I miss those days.

I love Tuuna Taco's artwork.

Monkey said...

Your sister was clearly an artist of unbound genius. I am in awe.

BadGod said...

I am so fond of your anus.

(I know you are all jealous of my cleverness. It's ok.)

Miss 1999 said...

That is a beautiful picture. Amazingly detailed for an 8 year old. Some of the pictures I had drawn when I was 8, we won't talk about. I bet she's still just as colorful and creative today :0)

tuuna taco said...

I am deeply moved.