May 25, 2006

Meme Myself & I

Once upon a time Osbasso did this on his blog, and assigned me the letter “I”. I’ve been mulling it over ever since then, but haven’t been able to do it justice because I have been blocked, angry, and busy. I’m still those 3 things, but I have now accepted that this is just my new personality and I have to live with it. I don’t know the rules, except to write things about myself (whom I shall call “I”) that start with the given letter, and stop when I feel like I have said what I wanted to say. Fair enough. Dig in, gang!

Isamaa, the Estonian word for “fatherland”. I am deeply rooted in my Estonian heritage and it is a huge part of who I am. We are a small, but proud nation. Don’t you dare call us Russian. Educate yourself about Estonia and then come back & ask me some questions. Here is how you say Happy Birthday: Situ ruttu, karu tuleb!* Say it to the next person you see. (::chuckles mischievously::)

2 game pieces from the Baltic States version of the board game "Trouble"

I think it is important to isolate from time to time, to get in touch with personal needs, tap into creativity, and unplug from technology. I have to be careful to stay social, because in the winter the balance between isolation/sociability tips heavily towards the reclusive. I force myself to get out into the world; otherwise I would just hole up in an igloo and eat seal blubber for 4 months. Which is probably tasty; have you ever tried it?

Ice Cream is quite possibly the most perfect food in the universe, together with lasagna. In small doses, ice cream cures all ills. Meet the twins:

Bailey's-flavored Mudslide, and Mint Oreo?!? Ohhhhhh

I struggle with misplaced & violent feelings of ire; these are directed at people who have, in one way or another, disappointed me. Which is … just about everyone. I recognize that the anger I feel is completely inappropriate, and that I probably need therapy, but I don’t fuckin’ wanna! Usually, it is because someone failed to love me enough, or failed to see that I am fucking fabu, or decided I wasn't worth their time. I will go to great lengths to tell said person off (in written form, usually ending with a line such as “ … and clean up your life, it's a fucking train wreck.” Or “... I regret that I wasted four months of my life trying to find the good in you.” Oh yes. I am so proud!). Other tactics include completely erasing that person from every aspect of my history so that it seems as though they never existed, or possibly just evading contact if forced into a situation where our paths might cross. If confronted with said behavior, I will just lie and act like I don’t know what you’re talking about, so don’t even try. Yay! Mental illness is such a hoot!

Iceland is one of the places I actually want to visit. Ditto Ireland. I loved Italy. I plan to visit all countries that start with "I," except the sandy ones. And the ones with tsunamis.

I studied two instruments a child, piano and guitar. I always envied those kids I saw on TV who really LOVED playing the piano so much that they had to be dragged away from it. I was never that way, though I liked playing. I love singing more than anything; luckily, I also have talent in that area so I’m OK with not being a virtuoso on the keys or the strings.

My life would be a lot easier if I weren’t intelligent. Sometimes I wish I were blissfully retarded. Only, with normal-looking features so that I could get a little slap & tickle from time to time. Also, I seek intelligence in my male companions. I melt when a potential suitor uses its and it's properly, or can find Asia on a map. When someone whips out their slide rule I hike up my skirt and bend over. (Not really mom! Are you reading this? Heh heh … just kidding dad … I never did that) (pssst, come see me after, OK?)


I am inspired by so many things. By great writers like King, Irving, Kingsolver, Hag, and Fritz. By the music of Mozart and Beethoven and Bach …. But also by the littlest things, like a mother’s support or a child’s laugh, or a spring breeze. I wish I could absorb everything and let it live in me.

I do not care one iota about Tom Cruise or about what the hell Paris Hilton is doing, ever.

I have been told that I can be fairly intense. No, really? I’m a Scorpio, dammit!

Inhale --- no, I never did. That’s a lie! Of course I did. Not too often though, and luckily I just became a drunk instead of a pothead. Not really, mom! Hehe. I do love the smell of pipe smoke though, and I think I might be slightly obsessed with smells in general. Not a jar of coffee gets opened without instantly inviting my nose deep into it, ditto towels from the dryer or the rugged-smelling armpit of the construction worker on the train. I just want to absorb everything and let it live in me. Did I already say that?

Inertia is really good sometimes. When in motion, stay in motion. But when still, stay still for a while. See things.

Indigo Girls ... they are dykes, right? I’m cool with that.

My Immune System is going apeshit on my nerves, supposedly, according to all the tests. Yet I have no symptoms. I hope I never do. I'm OK hangin' out in the gray area.

This was such great fun! If you would like to play, tell me so in your comments and I will assign you a letter. If you don’t like your letter, just change it yourself, I don’t give a shit. But do tell me you played so I can see! It took me long enough to finally do this, but it felt good; I’ll wait for yours as long as it takes.

*"Hurry up and shit, a bear is coming!"


jamwall said...

i've always wanted my own personal letter because I need a cornerstone letter for beginning a sentence.

jamwall said...

I think it's time to get drunk now...

Tits McGee said...

Would you please absorb me and let me live in you?

Bill said...

Give me a letter. I write better with prodding and rules.

btw ... my favourite part of the post was, "I don’t fuckin’ wanna!" If I were the type to get tattoos, bumper stickers, t-shirts and the like, that would be on it.

And now some asides:

I'm Capricorn. I don't know what that is suppose to mean except I think I age backwards (see T.H. White, "The Once and Future King").

Travel: I would visit more places if they would come to me. I disagree with the whole concept of going somewhere when somewhere should come to me.

I am so reclusive now that when I leave the house, get to places like work, I suddenly think, "Oops. I suppose I should have shaved." (I keep forgetting that.)

I know the difference between it's and its but my fingers do not always recall it. And being lazy, I don't proof very often.

Every time I post something on my blog, I re-post it at least five times as I see the typos and other mistakes and correct them.

Gays, lebians and the world: why does anyone care unless they're planning to fuck? What, I'm planning to fornicate with everyone? No, I dont think so. So why would I care what someone is? I'm really not interested in the world's sex life. Only my own and it is as dull as prime time TV. (This aside prompted by the world's obsession with sexual orientation. I just don't care!)

I think an intelligent therapist could make a career out of me. I'm willing to co-author.

Most of the above should have been a post on my blog but for some reason it became an extemporaneous comment.

BadGod said...

"I think it is important to isolate from time to time, to get in touch with personal needs, tap into creativity, and unplug from technology"

I am so fuckin' doing that right now!

Christina said...

I have to be careful to stay social, because in the winter the balance between isolation/sociability tips heavily towards the reclusive.

Ditto that, sistah.

dizzy von damn! said...

this is one of my favorites. i desire a letter, and though others i read have done this meme, i desire my letter to be bequeathed by you, her majesty spinnerina.

FRITZ said...

That's wonderful blogging...thank you!

Now, are you serious about the MS thing? Don't scare me.

Anyway, if you and Tits live together, can I come, too? I never like to leave the house and Michael uses a shoehorn to get me to meet new friends. I think the transition would be fine.

God, I can't believe I inspire you. Half the time, I can't inspire my ass to light my own damn cigarette.

"Hurry up and shit, a bear is coming." Classic. I'll be sure to say that to the first Estonian I meet...other than you. Dear Muthana.

madge said...

It's all about you. No really, it is. That's why I keep a 'comin back. I love learning about your ticks.

Osbasso said...

Well done, girl! I knew that someone of your innate brilliance would be able to do that letter with no problems at all!

jiggs said...

I don't know how to use a slide rule which is quite disappointing since I would give anything to see you bend over.

Slappy knows how, though. Maybe he could take pictures for me... Or maybe I should name my penis "slide rule".

I could program a computer to play chess or backgammon, though. Don't ask me to, though, because I'm busy enough as is.

AndyT13 said...

*"Hurry up and shit, a bear is coming!" That is priceless! :-)
Great post! I did "L" recently at the urging of Damasta. Incidentally, I'm a very cunning linguist so I know all those homonyms and how to use them. Not only can I use a slide rule I can use a sextant. Celestial navigation? Non-Euclidian spherical trigonometry anyone? Top THAT! As a bonus I'm also a damned good cook. Do I get a bent over photo of the hiked up skirt now?
:-) Cheers!

DaMasta said...

I'm a Capricorn, also. And like Bill, I age backwards as well. It's true. I've been told I'm an old soul, so I'm just waiting for that special someone to grow young with.
I'm not crazy cause I know what's wrong with me. I know my issues inside and out. And that doesn't make you crazy. That makes you aware. I think the same goes for you.
I don't like kites. Am I wrong for that? They're just plastic on a rope that fly thru the air. Now wind, that's something fancinating! Think about it: right now, there's AIR that FLIES thru the atmosphere ON ITS OWN. Wind. Just flying thru the air. There it goes. How the hell does that happen??? Mind boggling, I tell you.

Crystal said...

Someone has actually thought you were not fabu? What a fuckwit. You just let me know who they are and I will take care of things. *rolls up sleaves and thumbs nose*

I got assigned a letter B from Damasta, but I've had a hard time coming up with anything past bitch.
Talk about blockage. Ooh! Blockage! Eew.

Word ver: slut up tx
(oh shit! They're on to me!)

DaMasta said...

I give everyone the good letters. {Psst.. they don't know it, but it's just another way for me to control their minds. I give them a letter that *I* want them to write about.. bwuahhahaa..}

What? Yes, I'm totally aware of my control issues. Damn! I *did* get you to put that Talk Amongst Yourselves post on top, didn't I? Well, didn't I? Hmm?

shirlnutkin said...

hmmm ... interesting! if you're still handing out letters, i (another scorpio) will take a random (or not so random) letter and give it a shot.

Willie Baronet said...

SG, (you realize of course that you and Sleep Goblin need to figure out a way for us to differentiate between our SGs, right?), thanks for the hint about the Isolation. I get it, and yet my drawing was more about being unplugged from my creative muse. They are probably related. :-)

I also love intelligence, people who use grammar correctly (which I don't always do, just to piss people off), unplugging, traveling to Italy, instruments (one in particular), and many other of your references. I don't, however, know jack about Estonia, Ireland, or the Indigo Girls. But am willing to learn. :-)

I'm sure my letter would be F.