January 29, 2006

Five Star Resort IV: Monkey Arrives!

After many toils and troubles with Customs and Border Protection, Monkey has arrived safely at my door! I've just extricated him from his traveling cubicle, and he is taking a small nap with Walter while I prepare for our outing. Later I will tell of all that has already transpired in the short time we have spent together.

upon arrival

groggy from his journey

taking a small recuperative nap with Walter


Monkey said...

He looks amazingly refreshed after such a harrowing journey!

Beware of giving him too much coffee. Just sayin'.

Calzone said...

I wish I could sleep with that farting dog and shit like that

Ninian said...


(I just hope Walter doesn't get to flatulent while Monkey's recovering from jet lag... that could be quite the rude awakening.)

dizzy von damn! said...

monkey is a lucky monkey.

i'm sure he will not only enjoy his visit., but also his stinky reunion with walter

GrandPooOfAwesome said...

I hope Monkey enjoys his trip! He's in good hands. Have fun.

jiggs said...

Does monkey not need oxygen to survive? Also he must not be claustrophobic traveling in a box such as that.

Sending yourself through the mail is illegal, you know!

platts42 said...

Heyyyy. So Monkey is taking a nap with Walter?

But they don't even know each other yet!

So who is Loosey Goosie here.

I hope Monkey enjoys his visit.

Bobby said...

i wish i fit in a box.

jamwall said...

whoa monkey swapping....that's all hot and shit..