August 29, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Well, Human Zoo is over. I am enormously relieved! I did learn a few valuable lessons, however, that I'd like to share. Indulge me.
  1. In any group of 3+ animals, the Pecking Order (P.O.) will be naturally established within 5 hours.
  2. Running away during feats of strength is a good way to land yourself a seat at the bottom of the P.O.
  3. Low-on the-P.O.-Humans get their asses spanked, often and indiscriminately.
  4. Small grains of sand and small folds of skin are naturally attracted to one another.
  5. The alpha male is not necessarily a Silverback; sometimes, it's the skinny smart one.
  6. When women live together, their cycles sync up.
  7. Group Grooming, as a social activity, feels really good.
  8. Group Grooming is going to be the in thing of 2006.
  9. There ain't nothin' funny about crabs.
  10. It may sound trite, but there really is ... no place like home.


Cass said...

I have been enjoying group grooming for years. Why does it take some social experiment/reality show to make these things trendy?

kris said...

WOOHOO to #9.

madge said...

Thank you dearly for stopping by my blog - as it so happens, I am falling in love with your blog, too.

Heather said...

LOL Did you see that CSI were they were scriffing? This so reminded me of that. LOL


Lee Ann said...

Yeah, no place like home:)

B.O.B.I. said...

Sorry about the air freshener on your computer. I guess, much like Shanshu, my chi got all sorts of fucked up.

Good to see you and Domokun are getting your more-than-likely-deserved R&R.

FRITZ said...

Spinning Girl:

I'm so impressed with your ability to fake me out with your pictures. Do you know the whole day I was wandering around, querying myself and anyone who would listen, "How does a gal from CT get to London to be part of the London Zoo Exhibit?" Michael finally sat me down and said, "This is Photoshop, honey. This is what you can do with it."

So, there. You're a natural artist when it comes to duping gullibles like myself.

g_samsa said...

Group grooming could easily devolve into group Bunny (thanks shashu, for this line of thinking).

LBseahag said...

That big turd is eating Cousin It!

adrock2xander said...

Hello Spinning Girl :-)

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

My Goodness. What a delightful post.

BadGod said...

Self grooming doesn't feel that bad either.

And what does that stuffed rown thing have that I don't?!

Damn you, stuffed brown thing!

~art said...

welcome home

UberGoober said...

OMG, where are DOmo's hands.