April 09, 2006

Nostalgika VII: My (Close Personal) Friends in the Land of Make-Believe

I loved Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. I especially liked the Land of Make-Believe, with its cast of colorful characters. I never noticed, until I was 24 or so, that all the puppets sounded more or less alike, and suspiciously similar in timbre to Fred Rogers. You can see the entire cast of characters here, if you are so inclined.

By far my favorite characters were Henrietta Pussycat and X the Owl.

I had vivid dreams and fantasies in which I could creep into their homes and see what they were like inside. Come to think of it (a little Sesame Street aside here), I always had fantasies like that, including about the inside of Oscar's trash can. I guess I was always curious about the insides of things.


By far the most disturbing character on MRN was the Purple Panda. He only came around once in a while, and he didn't talk. I think he was supposed to be an alien.
I just mention this for my friend Used Hack, who is a huge fan of pandas.


Fools Win said...

I understand your nerdy wish to see inside things too. I am NOT admitting any such thing though.

Neal said...

I could never understand why Mr. Rogers would always change his shoes when he got home. Either take them off or leave them on.
I always thought the train going through his house was the best. I wanted a train that went through every room.

jiggs said...

will you be mine, won't you be mine. Won't you please. Please won't you be... my spinner.

Unknown said...

MRN had a budget of about 4 bucks when it started, so MR had to do pretty much everything from string the lights to make the voices.

Even as a child I found the show alternatingly dull and creepy. But that was before 500 channels so you watched what was on.

.- said...

i still say to my son - now 16 - correct as usual king friday..

loved him

i have the little book published after mr r passed away as well... full of wisdom :)

t2ed said...

I loved, loved, loved Mr. Rogers. One of my friend's Dad has gone to theological school with him.

I was always wishing he would hurry up and change his shoes and quit talking to that damn trolley so we can get to the Land of Make Believe. Quit tormenting us already!

And Mr. McFeeley? First gay character on public television.

Velma, correct as usual King Friday is immediately going into my lexicon.

Used Hack said...

Awwwwwwww. That's sweet. :)