July 26, 2015

Happy Birthday to Jamwall!

Ode to Jamwallon his birthday
this 207th day of the calendar year

i. første vers
In a landscape of 10,000 frozen lakes
and snow upon snow upon snow
a rare and precious gem appeared
seven and thirty years ago.

Fiery red, it blazed and burned
with peerless gifts and talents
in the soul of the boy;
to emerge as he grew,
lending wit, and vision, and balance.

ii. andre vers

No ordinary boy was he
nay, never.
Not to this day!
His eyes bear the spark
of vivid untiring imagination.
His mouth utters only kindness, humor, and love;
his heart is a drumbeat of loyalty.


Your heart, your little heart …
it knows not how it sounds.
for it is the drum of drums,
it is the song of songs.*

Thumping in the rib-cavern of that
beautiful spirited child
for all the days
that came before I knew you.

iii. tredje vers

On a distant shore I lived
and wandered alone and wondered
whether in all my days I’d find a match
for the silly and lively spirit inside.

... A spirit that needed taming and compassion.
A spirit that compels with its fierce humor.
A spirit that sometimes does not brush its hair
and eats things it finds on the floor
and wears a box instead of pants
and draws oddly
and writes poems about raining noses
and cannot spell the word scissors.

Who would ever come home
to a spirit like that?

I had stopped looking;
I did not realize.

I did not know,
I mean ...
... that you were there.

Nobody told me.

iv. fjerde vers

One day, suddenly, you appeared, beating your gong.
Verbally jousting with me
in the back-rooms of this virtual world.

Your writing tickled my funny bone
and brought out my inner feisty beast.
My true colors were fully unfurled!

Nothing was sacred, nothing was safe:Runways and hoo-hahs and relish,ice cream flavors and gobstoppers
all of these we’d embellish.

When you said you "loved my guts" I fainted, a little.

v. femte vers
There was once a secret blog;
a playground we kept on the side.
Some of us would take comfort there
and lower our guard for a time.

In that hideaway long gone, you first
unveiled your face to me, and to the others.
I will never forget reaching out
and touching your face with my hand
on the flat-screen of my monitor.
That puckish dimple in your chin
has inhabited my dreams
every night hence.
Even now, two years since.

vi. sjette vers

One summer’s day in Boston-town
four bloggers were united
for a weekend of frivolity
and extensive monkey-business.

On the trolley, you touched my knee.

vii. syvende vers

(Angelic Chorus sings to the tune of Don’t Fear the Reaper):

Her knee! Her knee!
You touched Spinnerina's knee!
The kneebone’s connected to the lipbone!
The lipbone’s connected to the heartbone!

viii. åttende vers
(Man with Cowbell clangs instrument three times and shouts):

Let me explore the space now, baby.

[mellomspill] --- Bare ku bjelle (Cowbell solo) ---

ix. niende vers

Jamwall, thanx fo' show'n me T-H-to-tha-izzat you love me in all tha shawty ways . Ya fuck with us, we gots to fuck you up. I started yo' shit, and I'll end yo'shit. You is always there fo' me so jus' chill. I love you so mizzle fo' sho'! I cizzay imagine gangsta day going by wit'out you in mah life. Throw yo' guns in tha muthafuckin' air!

x. tiende og siste vers
Well, then.
Nothing sweeter
or simpler and truer than this,
so still your jibberish and listen:

I cherish you.

You are a comet that streaked into my life
and landed.

Happy birthday, sweetiepants.
Happy now, and always, and then some.
(final strike of cowbell)

*with thanks to Annie Lennox

p.s. I didn't get you a card, so bask in this meager tribute. Jeg elsker deg!

July 22, 2015

The Barnyard Blues

A fellow blogger and I had a heated debate (heated, I tell you! Boy was it ever!) about barnyard animal sounds. This stemmed from a discussion about how onomatopoeia (quack quack, meow meow, woof woof) is different in different languages (in Estonian, the same 3 sounds are prääks prääks, näu näu, and auh auh). This conversation segued into a debate about people's thoughts about barnyard life. The discussion went something like this:

SG: I think the general population, when thinking of a barnyard sound, thinks cock-a-doodle-doo (or kikki-ri-ki-kii, in my case).

Sexy Other Blogger: Ya think so? Why, because of the cock part?

SG: No, because of the rooster on top of the barn.

SOB: Hmmm, I don't think so; I think it's probably moo.
SG: No way, man.

SOB: Oh, I think so.

SG: Care to make it interesting?

SOB: You're on, baby. By the way ... what are you wearing?

So a wager was made. Luckily, I have daily access to about 85 members of the general population*; I would have them answer this random question for me. I just so happened to be giving a quiz on Newton's Laws of Motion the next day (you don't know them, do you?**), so it was the perfect opportunity to show SOB just how right I was.


Behehehehe!!!: 1 vote.
And good job on the quiz, Christian!
(A next-day inquiry confirmed "behehehehe" as a goat sound)

Neigh?: 3 votes

Quack/Cluck: 1 vote

(I believe this type of cross-species union is genetically impossible)

Snort: 2 votes

grrrrrrrr: 1 vote

(Pam lives on a bear farm, so these results are skewed)

The startled bicalllck!

a hen makes when the egg leaves her cloaca:
1 vote

A dying zebra: 1 vote

(I believe this outlier should be eliminated,
as Andrew was picking his nose at the time and didn't really hear the question)

was up: 1 vote

(I guess the barnyard is in New Haven)

bawk bawk: 2 votes

hee-haw: 1 vote

eeeoinkkkkkkkkkkkk: 1 vote

quack: 4 votes

onk: 1 vote


cluck cluck: 4 votes

baa: 5 votes

one for

mooooo: 40 votes

Cock-a-doodle-doo: 1 vote!

Discussion and Conclusions:

Moo by a landslide. However, Gabriella is the nicest girl EVER so her cock-a-doodle-doo counts as 50 votes, so I still win. Christian has an A- in science. Andrew picks his nose. Most of the kids in suburban Connecticut have only seen farms in books or on TV; farm life is as foreign to them as life in Africa. However, if you tally up all the results, what we have is a typical storybook farm: a buttload of cows (one of whom wears a bell), a donkey, a few sheep and horses, some pigs, one dying zebra, one gangsta-rapper, a few chickens, and atop it all, proudly crowing to welcome the dawning morn, one bantam rooster.

* No minors were harmed in this process.

** Newton's Law Refresher Course
NL1: Law of Inertia. An object in motion will remain in motion at a constant speed, in a straight line, unless a force acts upon it. Ditto an object at rest.
NL2: An object accelerates in the direction of the force that acts upon it. This acceleration is inversely proportional to the object's mass. Also F= ma.
NL3: Every action force has a reaction force that is equal and opposite.

July 18, 2015

Meditation a la Mode

I am just sitting here, eating some ice cream and thinking deep thoughts. To wit:

  • A very small spider has taken up residence in the corner of my office. It is a S.A.S. (spider of acceptable size), so I will leave it alone. I hope it doesn’t decide to walk across my lips in the night.
  • When my twin sister and I were 5, we went to a birthday party that included a trip to the movies to see “Snoopy Come Home”. There’s a part where the Peanuts kids are singing, “Snooooopy, Snoooooopy, oh won’t you come home, come home, come home?” It is so sad. It tears you up inside. We started to bawl; we were inconsolable. Our mother had to come get us.
  • We were always that way, getting each other worked up. We’d lie awake at night in our shared bedroom saying things to each other like, “wait … what if mom and dad …die?!?!?! Waaaah!” and then we’d barge in on my parents for comfort after working each other up into a red-alert fit.
  • The Honda Element is butt ugly. I actually threw up a little in my mouth when one passed me today.
  • When I was six, I threw a giant rock into Lake Huron. Well, I threw it towards Lake Huron. At the precise moment it reached her area, my younger sister stood up and the rock ended its trajectory on the back of her 2-year-old skull. Twin sister & I stifled her screams because we didn’t want to get in trouble. Don’t worry, she was fine and later we told our mother (when we were 17).
  • I just can’t wear a do-rag the way I did back then, young & carefree in Key West.

  • I really, really miss Jim Henson. Viscerally. Deep in my belly. I love The Dark Crystal! I love when Kira is calling for those stilt-walker things and she yells, “kama leyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” I love when Aughra sniffs Jem and says, “Looks like a gelfling. Smells like a gelfling. Maybe you are a gelfling!!” I love the whole surreal, slow, mystical quality of it.

  • And did anyone else have a pleasant, albeit disturbing, semi-erotic response to the dog-dragon thing in Never-Ending Story? He’s this giant, strong, undulating, furry beast. How could I not feel a tingle?

    • Somebody I know, after reading my comment about waking up in the dead of night with fears, shared the following: For years I used to wake up and check to make sure my breasts and vagina were still there. I had heard that people changed gender, and I thought it happened spontaneously. Just wanted to make sure everything was intact (She finally stopped a few years ago, when she turned 45).

  • I think I might have actually failed Organic Chemistry II, but the professor gave me a mercy D- because I used to go to his office hours every single day. For extra help, you sickies!
  • I got a 7% on my Calculus IV final exam. That's zero-seven. I was done in 23 minutes & spent the next hour and a half drawing bunnies all over my test. I was on Dean’s List every semester except the one after that calculus class (and organic); that semester I was on Academic Probation.
  • I did an independent study in Chemistry that consisted mostly of going out to lunch for Rocks & Wings with my professor. And trying to fix the mass spectrophotometer, which we never managed to do. And learning to shoot a revolver (picture later—in I Might be White Trash VI).
  • I saw somebody I knew at the grocery store today and I ran & hid behind the organic dairy display until she passed. I just wasn’t in the mood.
  • There’s a mentally challenged man who works in the cafeteria at my work, and every time he sees me he asks me the same exact question. I don’t know whether to be annoyed or compassionate. Aren’t I allowed to be annoyed by people, even though they are retarded? Dude, I answered you the first 54 times!!! I hate that I feel guilty for thinking “please shut up” every day, in my mind, at him.
  • I don’t really like Halloween that much. I plan to go out & leave my house dark. Yeah, it’ll be an egg magnet, but at least I won’t have to rummage through my pantry & give the kids canned goods when I run out of candy, like I did last year.
  • What’s That in My Refrigerator? : a helpful taxonomic key

    A large, dead birdIT IS ACTUALLY…
    A Purdue oven-stuffer roaster (a large, dead, edible bird)

    A small, dead bird
    A cornish game hen (a small, dead, edible bird) (all birds are edible, really…)

    A tube of red, crusty toothpaste
    Anchovy paste or tomato paste

    Yellowish liquid peanut butter

    A slimy glop of seaweed
    chives I forgot were in there

    A daffodil bulb about to burst forth in a song of spring
    Garlic from last summer

    Ugli fruitIT IS ACTUALLY…
    Uniq fruit, here in Connecticut, where no one would ever eat anything with the word “ugli” in it

    Black maple syrup
    A balsamic vinegar reduction (that I made myself on the stove and which warranted a visit from the local F.D.)

    A compost heap
    My “crisper” drawer (winner of the esteemed 2005 Misnomer

    August 06, 2013

    10 Years Today

    This is a repost, marking 10 years since I decided to give up my little alcohol habit.

    Disclaimer: This post isn’t meant to be funny. These things are only funny to me because they are all true, because I did them, and because I salvaged my poor gin-soaked soul on August 6, 2003. If you think you might have a problem, consider these points or
    take this quiz. I took it 14 times before I realized that cheating on the answers didn’t make them any less true.

    Image respectfully borrowed from BeerStuff

    You Might Have a Teensy Weensy Problem With Alcohol If…

    • You make three separate trips to the recycling center because you don’t want anyone to see how many bottles you have, but you still care about the earth.
    • You carry your trash really carefully when your landlord is around, so he doesn't hear the clinking.
    • You remember drinking 1 bottle of chardonnay, but in the morning you see 3 empty ones.
    • You go to at least 3 different liquor stores because you don't want to be seen going so often; nevertheless, all the owners cheerfully greet you by name.
    • You drunk-dial your friends and then tell them the same story several times, in almost the exact same words. When they call you on it, you say, "oh, I've told this story so many times I don't remember who I told it to." (this doesn't work very well when it's the same person, in the same phone call)
    • You make elaborate plans with friends and family, and then don’t remember a word. The next day, when your friend says, “so what time should I come over?” you pretend you know all about it to cover your ass. Later, when your other friend calls (with whom you also made plans), you cancel because of an “appointment you forgot you had”.
    • Your first words in the morning, every morning for 2+ years, are “Oh, shit ... not again.”
    • Your coworkers ask you why you look so tired, or if you are sick (answer: both). Your answer: trouble sleeping (also true).
    • You wake up at 3 AM every night in a shame spiral, and wonder how & when you got to this point. You’re an intelligent, beautiful, self-aware woman, dammit—you can’t be a drunk! (you can be both; nobody sets out to have this affliction on purpose, ya know. Duh.) (By the way I sometimes dream that I went on a drinking binge & wake up feeling utter despair at having failed, then relief that I’m still OK. And if I did fail, I hope I’d have the strength to pick up where I left off).
    • You bring your own magnum of chardonnay to the party because they probably don’t have what you want (or enough of it); you offer to open it for the hostess. You drink most of it.
    • You order a whole bottle of wine at a bar and the bartendress keeps it on ice for you and all the friends you intend to share it with. Most of them don’t have any.
    • You decide that a mandarin Absolut & tonic (m.a.t.) is OK at 10 AM; it’s citrusy, like orange juice. That's breakfast, right?
    • You decide that grocery shopping is so much more fun with a buzz on, so you have one m.a.t. for breakfast & then put one in a sippy cup for the road.
    • The following activities are drinking triggers: talking on the phone, sitting at the computer, watching TV, driving home from work. Also breathing, eating, sleeping.
    • You’ve rationalized that you’d better switch to vodka since it doesn’t smell (as much—enough of anything and your sweat still smells like skid row).
    • You lie to your best friend on the phone that the reason your speech is slurred is because you are wearing a Crest White Strips on your teeth.
    • You decide to drink only on weekends, then drink on a Thursday because that’s close.
    • You decide to drink every other day, and then fail after 2 days.
    • You decide not to drink one morning, and then change your mind on the drive home. You haven’t done it yet, you could still stop it, but having made the decision in your mind it is already too late. This yet-unacted-upon weakness fills you with despair.
    • You decide to drink just 2 glasses of wine, but glass 3.5 kills the bottle (you have biiiig glasses), so why stop? Wine goes bad if it sits.
    • Wine never goes bad in your house.
    • You wonder aloud about your drinking habits with all of your drinking friends, and say things like, “it’s not as if I’d drink something else if there were no wine in the house” (this was before I discovered the m.a.t. and the no-smell-vodka secret)
    • There is always wine in the house.
    • You actually think to yourself, who needs friends when I have this?
    • You choose a night home with a DVD and 2 bottles of wine over a night out with friends (rationalization: cheaper, and then I don't have to drive drunk).
    • You wonder aloud whether a life without wine in it is even possible. All those dinners out, and no wine? (it is possible, and the peace of mind that comes from a sober life far exceeds the enjoyment of a fine chardonnay. Although sometimes I still imagine the molten-gold flavor of it going down my throat, and I feel a lust unlike anything I’ve ever felt).
    • You finally resolve to quit drinking, but you can’t “officially” quit until all the booze in the house is gone, so you make a list of everything you need to consume, including that nasty bottle of Pimm's and the Smuggler whiskey your dad brought over for a party once (happy ending: upon realizing the huge volumes I’d have to consume, I gave all my top-shelf vodkas, gins, scotches & rums to a friend for her huge summer bash, and poured the rest of it down the toilet on August 7, 2003. Funny, I didn’t feel bad about wasting it, even though I was raised not to waste nutrients. I figured those kids in Africa didn’t need to become boozehounds).
    • You check out the AA website, just to see what it’s all about.
    • [UPDATE] You taste a tiny tiny sip of your husband's drink sometimes, mostly to remind yourself that you can't have it, you are never safe around it.  When you taste, it flows into you like a river of golden lava and awakes a craving so deep and complete that you know, really know, that you are only well because you are not having it and oh, what a slippery slope this is ... truly, in one day it could all be undone by going down this path.  So you just touch the path with your toe for the reminder, and then pull it back to safety. Tickle the sleeping tiger, then pull your hand back to watch it very closely, lest it fix its gaze upon you.
    [note: I am not made uncomfortable in any way by the mention of alcohol, the presence of it, or when my friends around me order it at the dinner table. I am happy to discuss it and proud of my sobriety. It’s not a word that needs to be whispered, like cancer or prison. I am not offended by anyone’s drunken audio post, or mention of drunkenness in this virtual (or any other) world. The only thing that upsets me is when I meet/see people who are obvious alcoholics; not because I judge them but because I know the place they are in, and it is not a good place. I questioned my drinking for 8 years, and experienced out-of-control drinking for about a year and a half before I stopped. I still question exactly how I got to that point. I can only hope that suffering alcoholics find solid ground, as I did. Thank you for reading.]

    July 12, 2013

    Today I Learned to Make a Puppet. A Puppet Like a Mitten.

    This puppet is like a mitten.

    How do play with this puppet? At first take your mitten and try to make it alive. Try to move the mitten and think what it can to talk to other mittens.
    Which is its voice?

    If you think up what person you want for your play then you must make a pattern. The pattern must be so big that it's will be cosy and handy for you. To main pattern you can add the ears. The ears sew on the head. The mittens can make of thick textile. The eyes can be button or make of paper.
    See the pattern to make it

    (Really, I was searching for Teddy Bears Dressed as Other Animals, and I Googled the word "karu", which is Estonian for "bear", and I found this. It's sort of endearing, in a sad way ... isn't it? I want to move the mitten and think what it can talk to other mittens!!!)

    August 21, 2012

    Nostalgika VIII: Stirrings of Prepubescent Desire [repost]

    I was so in love with Martin S-C when I was in elementary school. I have mentioned this here before, in my Black Book post and in one of my Meditations. He played the lead in The Mikado, so as far as I was concerned, he was a superstar.

    Looking back on the way I felt about him, I see patterns that still exist in my adult life. His effeminate fragility attracted me, as did his delicate bone structure. I find that I am attracted to either really ridiculously
    manly men, or else men who are really in touch with their womanly side. Martin didn't play rough like other boys. Martin played the viola and read big, fat books.

    I pined. I pined, while he was ignorant of my existence. I fantasized that I would be hospitalized and he would sit at my bedside and hold my hand (I also fantasized that I had a dollhouse filled with real, tiny, Borrower-sized people. I would pick up the boy, pull down his pants, and insert a safety pin into the little hole at the tip of his penis. I knew that, despite the pleasant tugging sensation these thoughts gave me behind my navel, I should not tell anyone ... because they were very bad thoughts. This fantasy may have more bearing on the current state of my love life than my love for MSC, come to think of it). I still find any relationship in which I am not in a state of desperate angst to be emotionally unsatisfying. Also, he had a British accent. I like accents, as long as they aren't Russian (sorry, Boris). Since puberty, the ear of my desire has become more attuned to words being whispered and shouted in Spanish; but in 3rd grade, Love spoke British.

    The other day, I found two newspaper clippings from the Martin days. See? I was a stalker even then. What a gold mine! Here they are:

    Martin was in the newspaper for taking a class in which he learned to conduct the orchestra. Third-grade SG thinks: I can't believe I am in love with somebody famous! This pattern continues to the present day, of course, but you always remember your first brush with fame. Well ... I wished I could have brushed Martin ... instead, he waved his arms with passion and focus while I sat on the sidelines, eating funny little acrid-tasting pellets that I found on the carpet during Story Time.

    This was a great day for me. In grade 4, I was in the same class as Martin again (a 5th grader! With upper-lip fuzz!). We won (!!) a bookmark-making contest and were featured in the newspaper. Even though I traced my picture of Winnie the Pooh, my bookmark got the blue ribbon (that's me on the left; check the hair. circa 1977). Martin got 2nd place. See us all showing each other our bookmarks with pride! I am posing for the camera, but my heart is pounding as this photo is being taken, and my eyes are full of his ivory, translucent skin and his pursed little lips ... his well-appointed trousers and his tidily turned collar. In my mind, the two of us are standing together on the Olympic podium, our arms around each other as we listen to the National Anthem. I am so mad that Jenny and Aleta, with their sub-par bookmarks, separate us.

    I'm fairly certain that, despite our shared fame, Martin S-C still does not know who I am. Or ... maybe ... he has just blocked me out, because the heartache of our unrequited love is too painful to bear! I am pretty sure that's how it is. Not that he never looked my way, with all my funny voices and my straight-armed, short-panted gait. And the fact that I told him that David Cassidy was my brother. And that I was half-Chinese (because I thought that would be cool, as though all-Estonian wasn't good enough. I look half Chinese, don't I?) No, I am pretty sure that once he realized I was simply out of his league, he nursed his heart back to health and tried to find a way to move on. I sure wish I could.

    May 17, 2012

    3 Things Meme, Spinnerina Style

    This made me giggle today, so worth the repost ...

    I've seen this thingy here and there, and thought it might be fun to play. It just needed a new spin on it, so I made up new categories.

    3 Things I Often Say Aloud

    • Time to sample for Quality!
    • Hey, lover.
    • What's goin' on?
    3 Things I Say Inside My Head
    • Shut up you stupid, stupid cow.
    • I could kill you with my bare hands.
    • Nice fupa.
    3 Things I Really Should Throw Out
    • A dress I fit into in 1995 that I hope to fit into again one day. Then I'll throw it out.
    • The half and half ... it's making some sort of strange grainy things in my coffee.
    • My entire collection of jeans, and start over.
    3 Ways I Hope I Don't Die
    • Eaten by cougar or bear
    • Fire / house invasion (tie)
    • Drowning / sharks (tie)
    3 Flavors I Can't Stand
    • Caraway seeds
    • Black licorice
    • Chalky liquid medicines, a la Pepto
    3 Yoga Positions I Can Get Into

    3 Positions I Can't Get Into

    3 Articles of Clothing That I Won't Wear
    • Mock turtleneck
    • Corduroy pants
    • Spike Heels
    3 Ways I Think I Make the World a Better Place
    • I make people laugh
    • I am kind to people who are flustered in the grocery store line
    • I sing

    April 04, 2012

    Spiders. Dislike.

    You know you're an arachnophobe when ...

    Getting into the shower, you move the shower curtain, and that little round black magnet in the corner of the curtain moving against the white of the tub FREAKS YOU OUT.

    April 03, 2012

    Repost: 100 things. I love reposting this because of #36-37, because I married him.

    1. My first language was Estonian. I still speak, read & write it. All the time!
    2. I didn't really speak English until I went to kindergarten,
    3. where I learned the word "soon" and thought it meant one o'clock.
    4. I thought this until I was 11 years old.
    5. Because it rhymes with "noon", you see?
    6. My twin sister Twirling Girl has always, always been there.
    7. I don’t know what I would do without her.
    8. My baby sister Tuuna Taco is my other best friend.
    9. My parents are some of the best people I know,
    10. And I don't tell them enough, so I am telling them now.
    11. Since they read my blog.
    12. Which sort of censors me, but that is probably a good thing.
    13. I can be gross at your blogs, right?
    14. I worry that if I ever meet any of you, you will discover that I am not really as
    pretty as the persona I have created
    15. although I have begun to think of myself as "Spinning Girl" and would probably answer to it if someone called to me.
    16. Sometimes I get terribly lonely.
    17. Often, I love being alone & doing what I want, when I want.
    18. I need to tune my piano so that I can play it.
    19. I need to clean my chimney so that I can make bigger fires without fearing that I am going to start a chimney fire.
    20. Some pieces of music are so beautiful to me that I cannot contain the emotion I feel when I hear them, and I just cry.
    21. I can’t stand most of the music I hear on the radio.
    22. There are some exceptions.
    23. I have an almost unholy obsession with Yellow Ledbetter and every time I hear those first few hesitant guitar notes, I smile with glee.
    24. I had a
    small alcohol problem once.
    25. By small, I mean that it had a short life. Maybe two years of really drinking in a way I felt was out of control.
    26. Plus 15 years of wondering if maybe I drank a little too much?
    27. I gave up the booze on August 6, 2003.
    28. In March of 2004 I drank 3 bottles of wine by myself and scared myself so much that I never want to drink again.
    29. In July of 2006 I accidentally took a giant swig of my cousin’s vodka tonic, but only because our cups were identical and it really was by accident.
    30. If I drink on purpose, I am afraid I will not stop, ever.
    31. I still get mad that something so fun could turn into something so bad, but I’m OK with it and I don’t miss it. It just pisses me off that alcohol was such a mean trickster bastard.
    32. I become smitten very easily.
    33. Recently I was smitten with someone in my grad class.
    34. But he never called when he said he would, so I had my answer.
    35. That’s too bad, because I still find him really attractive even though I don’t talk to him much.
    36. I am also completely infatuated with
    Jamwall, even though we have never met, because he gets me and we feed off each other’s sick humor in a truly exhilarating way.
    37. Right now, I am imagining Jamwall naked.
    38. Are you?
    39. Someday, I hope to spend a weekend with him, romping through a
    condiment village that we have built together.
    40. Sometimes I am perfectly happy with my life the way it has gone thus far.
    41. But I am always ready for the next big, good thing.
    42. I would like to be a mom, though not necessarily give birth.
    43. Maybe I just need a pony!
    44. Or a dog, a non-pooping dog.
    45. Having to pick up shit is the one major thing keeping me from getting a dog.
    46. Sharing my living space with a box of urine and shit and giant hair balls is what is keeping me from getting a cat.
    47. I had the most amazing cat once, and he will never be equaled.
    48. I fear the spider, but only once it has reached a certain size.
    49. Spiders of Acceptable Size (SAS) are allowed to live freely in my home.
    50. Spiders of Unacceptable Size – SUS-- are thrown outside, not killed, unless they are huge or move very fast.
    51. I would probably go crazy if I woke up and discovered an SUS clinging to the tip of my nose with all 8 of its legs.
    52. I can honestly say that I love my job.
    53. It is like a dream. A job cannot be this perfect, can it?!?!?
    54. I sometimes fear becoming debilitated and unable to teach anymore; what would I do then?!?!?
    55. I don’t spend much time fearing the future though.
    56. Most of my fears are fleeting thoughts, lucky me.
    57. Maybe I am stupidly optimistic. That is fine with me.
    58. I take life’s little luxuries very seriously.
    59. My bed.
    60. My coffee.
    61. That’s a short list, but those are the two biggies.
    62. When I was a child, my favorite place to visit was my grandparents’ house in upstate New York.
    63. Sometimes we had to weed the garden, and we had to finish before we could swim.
    64. This taught me self-discipline and delayed gratification.
    65. I used to pretend I was a poor little slave girl, weeding my little row of carrots in the blazing hot sun.
    66. Nothing equals the bliss of a cold swim after you have been sweating in the blazing hot sun.
    67. There was (is) a spring-fed pond on my grandparents’ back property.
    68. It is stocked with fish that were caught elsewhere & put there by my family.
    69. They have lived & multiplied there for 50 years.
    70. I used to catch grasshoppers in the meadow and then feed them to the fish.
    71. I used to be very good at catching grasshoppers; the most I ever caught was 72.
    72. Grasshoppers!!!
    73. I fear that one day a swarm of locusts will land on me, as payback.
    74. This fear, however, is fleeting.
    75. When my family sells my grandparents’ house, I don’t think I will be as sad as I was over the past 10 years, watching it decline from what it once was.
    76. Nothing gold can stay.
    77. I hope that my parents’ home becomes that way for their grandchildren ... a really special place where you can always go and be happy.
    78. I believe it is really important to listen to children and not try to spank too much of their personalities out of them.
    79. Like the
    boy who made the grappling hook; it made me really happy to see that.
    80. I can think of 5 teachers off the top of my head who would have said, “put that stupid toy away.”
    81. Of course, I teach science, and can justify “allowing” a homemade grappling hook in my classroom.
    82. It scares me how little science some people know.
    83. I’m a little bit obsessed with
    Carl Sagan, and rightly so.
    84. Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors is one of my favorite books of all time.
    85. I should read it again soon. I tend to reread books I love several times.
    86. I have read
    Lord of the Rings at least 22 times from start to finish, plus countless times of reading just certain parts.
    87. For me, rereading a good book is like visiting a place that I love.
    88. When I want to escape for a while, I go to Middle Earth.
    89. I’m OK with being a total geek.
    90. I have amazing tits, so I can get away with it.
    91. Are you imagining my tits right now?
    92. Go ahead, then. I am OK with being objectified by you.
    93. Shit, I forgot about my parents reading this.
    94. Sorry mom and dad, sometimes I say dirty things to be funny.
    95. Dirty and funny is one of my favorite combinations.
    96. Wow, 100 is a lot.
    97. I might have dyslexia because I often reverse “tomorrow” and “yesterday” in my speech, regardless of what language I am speaking. I think those two concepts got stored incorrectly in my
    98. I am a huge procrastinator, and I did this instead of grading papers.
    99. I always feel better after a good day of procrastinating.
    100. I’ll feel even better later when I get that shit done. Thank you for reading!

    December 03, 2011

    It's happening again!

    Flaccid puddles of silk lie dormant all day, only to awaken
    at dusk into gigantic, illuminated Christmas shapes.
    Kill them with fiiiiiiiire!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    July 21, 2011

    Living with Jamwall is like this:

    [excerpt from a conversation after watching The Kids are All Right, July 2011]

    SG: Am I the bulldyke in our relationship?

    J: Ummm ... what would that make me?

    SG:  You're the gay man.

    J:  umm ... ::crickets::

    SG:  I'm kidding!  I'm just kidding, honey.  Sometimes you act faggy.

    J: ::crickets::  (makes a face)

    SG:  Fags would be offended that you are offended by that.

    --THE END--

    Disclaimer: I would like to alert my gay followers that I love everything about you and only use the word "fag" for comic relief here.  I hope that I do not offend.  Having dry-humped a few female cousins and fantasized about a friend's boobs, I consider within my bicurious right to reclaim these formerly offensive terms for ourselves!