October 25, 2006

Hey, listen.

Squeezable Laughing Cow.
Life is so wonderful.

For Halloween, I am going to be a shuttlecock. I got a super-size T-shirt that I am going to cover with layers of white pleather fringe, white leggings, and a red hat. To accessorize, a badminton racquet. How great is that?!? I thought of it yesterday. I got all the accoutrements and plan to make my costume tonight. When the students ask what I am, I am going to say "a birdie." But you & I know better. I can't wait to show you.

I had a complete case of the
church giggles at the Salem Witch Dungeon Museum. So much so, that I had to excuse myself from the theater. You see, last year a student asked if the "jury" on stage was real. You be the judge. This year, the moment the curtain opened upon their papier-mache, misshapen heads, I burst into a fit of hysterics so violent that I actually started crying. It was reprehensible. The students loved it. I am forever their hero.

For the past few days, I have been painting my wall black. I needed a place to put my magnetic poetry so I painted a 3' x 4' rectangle of magnetized base coat, topped by chalkboard paint. It is going to be the bestest wall EVER!

These are the things that have occupied my time. I will read all of your blogs as soon as I can sit still for an hour or so.


jamwall said...

laughing cow in my pants!

jamwall said...

btw, you won't believe the political shit going on over on my blog.



i need some laughing cow in my underwear..

Anonymous said...

Shuttlecock is just an awesome word. Please be sure to put up pics of the costume.

Now I just need to find one as clever...

Anonymous said...

You are forever my hero.

jiggs said...

shuttlecock... IN MY PANTS!

that magnetic wall is a great idea. I want magnetic wall.

Marisa said...

the magnetic chalkboard wall is nothing short of pure genius. you are my hero.
... my shuttlecock hero

Monkey said...

I love your Shuttlecock costume. Fabulous I tell you!

I remember the tale of the Pudding Puppet and though I was not there, it engendered a case of church giggles.

You are a hero.

miss kendra said...

i'm coming to live with you.

i so desire a magnet wall.