August 06, 2005

Dave Barry, Kindred Spirit (or: how I spent my Saturday night taking pictures of my refrigerator)

According to a Blogthings quiz, my Famous Blogging Twin is Dave Barry.
... Which is perfect, because I am a huge Dave Barry fan.
I even have his page-a-day calendar (a tried & true test of fan loyalty!) and a personal, handwritten postcard from him on my fridge.


I sent him my
Country Music Song Titles, and he sent me a postcard!
In my book, that's as good as published!


While we're looking at my fridge,
let's take a little tour, shall we?

I'm getting a playful, juvenile, introspective,
zen vibe from all this stuff.

I wonder what my shrink would think.

It's true ... a woman does like the smell of a horse on a man.

Memorial Day cartoon about a visit to the

Vietnam Monument in DC. Very nice.

A few postcards...

... some Thoreau, and wait, what is that I spy?
I see a David head peeking from beneath?

Let's see what that is...


... heh heh ...

I went to Italy, remember? It's art !


Fighting off life's demons while maintaining fabulous hair! That's me!

Then we have sort of a
Robert Frost-Chinese fortune cookie-Curious George-
baby's foot stamped onto music paper-insipration-montage.

Cheer & spirituality each time I go for a snack!

Nearby, a random assortment of childishness...
Granted, these are on the side of the fridge, not the front.
I just can't bear to dispose of these old bits of memorabilia.
And who doesn't enjoy a joke about

and who hasn't felt a sin coming on?

Ah yes. Now, here we have a special item.
A souvenir from when I met the legendary
Caroll Spinney
(the real BB--also does Oscar the Grouch!)

Whew, all this psychoanalysis and reminiscing has given me a hankering for a snack.

Yum, Greek Yogurt.
Or maybe some of that veggie mess in the Tupp behind it.
Or no...
Oh, here we go ... I found just what I wanted.

Yep, I am officially in for the night.


BadGod said...

I have never understood why people have stuff all over their fridge.

I have nothing on my fridge.

I still have fridge stink, though.

tolbs said...


Ok, I'm done.

My favorite picturemathing has to be "I feel a sin coming on".

Btw loved your "Road Uglies" comment on the blogtagon. Truely gold. Although, I'm not certain that it's true being as i've never really experienced it.

Anonymous said...

The Anne Taintor cards are great. I have a Maxfield Parrish print repro and my recipes on post-its (R) covering up diet plans I never follow held up by retro art magnets.

midwest_hick said...

hmmmmmmm.....I have very little pated to the outside of my fridge....I must be missing out on

Leigh Yung Lee said...

Um, that picture of the Greek Yogurt... was that a bad dream or did I taste that stuff once? I feel post traumatic stress disorder coming on. I think someone once said to me, "This stuff is so creamy like pudding." And then the next thing I remember it was in my mouth and it wasn't like pudding at all and I wanted to scream "STOP! This isn't right!" but my mouth was all full of that milky white substance and I was trying to decide between swallowing it and spitting it out on the floor.
Anyway, I made a telephone appointment with my therapist for this afternoon because she can't see me in person until next week when she gets back from vacation (why do all psychologists go on vacation in August?)
I'll take the prunes any day!

HighMaintenanceHussy said...

I'm Wil Wheaton. Who's Wil Wheaton?

Juliabohemian said...

you have a manatee magnet. you are okay in my book.

Frank The Tank said...

Nice blog! and i'm with badgod, I have nothing on my fridge either... but growing up i did... oh, and I'm a total bachelor, so the only thing IN the frige is liquids! mostly beer

Heather said...

That is so much cooler than my fridge LOL .. My fridge is covered in pages from Barbie's coloring book that my daughters have colored just for me.. not to mention ABC magnets and these little magnet girls you can dress... entertainment while they watch me cook.

Ghost Dog said...

"My Garden Kicks Ass" - Awesome.

MadMeer said...

That is the best fridge I have ever seen! I feel inspired to work on mine now. Wow, just when you think you've got enough crap in your house, you realize your fridge is naked.

Great site, by the way.