July 20, 2005

Q: What Do You Get When You Play a Country Music Song Backwards?

A: You get your dog back, your wife back, your job back...
[insert chuckle here]

Potential Country Music Song Titles:

  1. Even a Monster Truck Couldn't Pull Me Away From You
  2. Got My Ass-Kickin' Boots On (Now Git Your Ass Over Here)
  3. There' s a Tear in my Beer (oh wait, that's a real one)
  4. Bright Yellow Moon Lights Up Your Tooth Like a Diamond
  5. Nine Hounds Under The Porch Plus You Makes Ten
  6. That Pounding Ain’t My Engine, It's My Heart
  7. Your Love Is As Lukewarm As My Lawn-Fridge Beer
  8. Nothin’ Better Than a Feather Bed With My Brother In It
  9. I Checked My Tool Shed And I Don't Need Another Hoe
  10. You and Me and Baby Makes Two ('Cause I'm Outta Here)
  11. My Double-Wide Ain’t Wide Enough For the Likes o’ You

[an original SG creation]


BadGod said...

I am not a fan of country music, so this is funny.

BadGod said...

Nice picture.

jiggs said...

More real songs from my personal country collection:

"I'm left; You're right; she's gone." - Elvis Presley

"If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me, Her Memory Will" - George Jones

"You'll never get out of this world alive" - Hank Williams

"I'm down to my last come and get me" - Bobby Bare

"What made Milwaukee famous has made a loser out of me" - Jerry Lee Lewis

"I think I'll just stay here and drink" - Merle Haggard

Spinning Girl said...

Why is my face so huge?
LOVE the song titles...I can't think of any more though, I blew my wad on that list.

ps. badgod ROCKS!