March 01, 2007

A little something caught in my teeth.

I was flossing this morning, and I came across this:

twolf1920 has left a new comment on your post Keep those questions comin': Might be too late, but here goes! Whats the most EMBARRASSING thing that ever happened to you? If you tell me YOURS, I will tell you MINE!

Sorry twolf, I hope you didn't feel too left out of the blogsnuggle. Here is my reply:

I have two related embarrasing tales, both of which involve underwear.

Embarrassing Tale #1 (grade three): Amy Campbell untied my wrap-around skirt so that when I stood up to return my tray, my skirt fell down and the whole cafeteria saw my little briefs with the assortment of colored mushrooms all over them (what in the seven levels of Hell were those all about?!?). At least, I always blamed her; but I was never really sure whether she did it, or if it just came untied on its own. Fuck you anyway, Amy Campbell!

Embarrassing Tale #2 (circa 1998): I was teaching high school and sharing a room with a woman who was in charge of the Senior Homecoming Float. Hence I thought nothing of it when I saw a scrap of fabric lying in the middle of the floor. After the students had gone, I picked it up and discovered, holy shit, this is underwear. Holy everliving fuck, this is my underwear! I had a pair of panties stuck inside my pants leg from a previous wearing, that had worked their way out onto the floor of my classroom of sophomores. To this day I wonder at what point they were hanging, hermit-crab-like, half in/half out of my pants leg. Fuck you again, Amy Campbell!! Fuck you foreverrrrrrr!!!!


twolf1920 said...

Thanks Spinnerina! I will leave the link to my most embarrassing moment ever soon!

I think I got ya beat!

jamwall said...

they turned out to be those very same mushroom print undies from that fateful day in 3rd grade ironically!!!

Ookami Snow said...

And you don't even want me to get started on Amy Campbell. We have our fair share of run-ins.

I am now blaming her for my pants zipper completely exploding a couple of weeks ago, which left me unable to zip up my pants for the day.

I'll get you back someday Amy Campbell, someday.

Tiff said...

Once I pulled off my pants by a pool full of people, thinking I had my bathing suit on underneath - NOPE! Tighty whitey Hanes Her Way. But you, my friend . . . take the cake.

Monkey said...

Damn that Amy Campbell!

I love you most desperately and have missed you more than a truckload of bananas. My human says she is feeling better now. I am hoping for a full blown manic episode!

I love you.

Kat said...

I can never remember embarrassing moments. That's not a good thing.

JLee said...

talk about wardrobe malfunctions! aak

Lee Ann said...

I had an embarrassing underpanty (or lack of)story as well. I was on the swim team throughout my entire childhood (13 years to be exact). I was about 8 years old (and always very shy). I had swim practice then I was to go straight to a birthday party afterwards. My mom brought my clothes for me to change into after practice. Well, she forgot my panties. I was also having to wear a dress! My mother said we would go to the department store on the way to the party and buy a pair of panties. I cried the whole way there and thought I was going to die when I had to walk into the store wearing a dress with no panties.
Now, I look back and laugh. Commando is a preferred way at times!

Diedre said...

You and Jamwall have me laughing so hard my husband came in and said "Drinking already?" it only 10:45am - thanks!

jiggs said...

amy campbell can suck on my geyserhole.