November 14, 2006

I'm just going to apologize in advance. [*now updated with even more photos!!!*]

Photo Journey Part 2: The Middle Years

yes, so, I skipped some of the awkward years when I did my first photo-journey a few weeks ago. You'll soon see why. But a week or so ago I was organizing (if you can call it that) a photo box and discovered these tasty nuggets. Enjoy! (You'll want to click to enlarge. (Enlarging is thrilling!!!)


when sexy fails, try for "fun-loving"

This is me at the height of my pubescent greasiness.

Braces, acne, bad hair, semi-successful attempts at beauty.

I just posted this to cleanse your palate and remind you how cute I am. Was. Could anything be sweeter than TT hanging onto me, in her giant frilly dress, and me in my orange belly tank (age 5)?!? I didn't think so. These are assorted semi-cousins to the right. None of whom ever played John & Maria. Well, maybe now that they are married, they do. Just not with me.

I turned out OK.


Marisa said...

In an unprecidented turn of events, you are holding on to a sister!

tuuna taco said...

How's your voice/cold? Enjoying your day off?
I have never seen that last picture in my life...who are those people?
I want to call you but I know you can't talk. :( Also, I'm going bra shopping and grocery shopping.
I learned to hold onto you cuz you were always holding on to me!

Monkey said...

Ahhh... John & Maria. Thanks for these wonderful photos, complete with pithy captions. And I should tell you, in the interest of full disclosure, that my human had feathers too. I don't understand that at all.

Hope you are feeling better. It's going around. Ugh.

miss kendra said...

i love your very sexy pose on skis.

it's so hiphop.

also, i have some awful picctures of my awkward years around here somewhere... but i don't think the internet could bear it.

it's just that bad.

Tits McGee said...

You are a delight.


jamwall said...

you turned out good enough to "lay on top of and wiggle about"

Freewheel said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures from your hot mama 20s.

Brookelina said...

You at 13 = me at 13. Only the hair was brown.

Kat said...

I sympathize with the coke bottles. I still have mine just in case my daughter snaps the arm off my new glasses...for the 2nd time.

ajooja said...

I love it when you do the photo thing. It's some of your best stuff. :)

Your lifeguard chair was so much better than mine. Mine was made out of pipe, painted with 400 coats of paint, with one of those plastic seats on top.

You know the lifeguards who show off on the diving boards while the kiddies are on their 10-minute break? Um, me too. :D

Osbasso said...

If you enlarge the last picture to 400%, you can see your vajayjay!


jiggs said...

your awkward years were so fashionable!