November 13, 2006

Repost: Meditation a la Mode (originally posted 10/12/05)

It's so much fun going back & reading my old stuff that I thought you might like it, too. Also, I have a cold.

I am just sitting here, eating some ice cream and thinking deep thoughts. To wit:

  • A very small spider has taken up residence in the corner of my office. It is a S.A.S. (spider of acceptable size), so I will leave it alone. I hope it doesn’t decide to walk across my lips in the night.
  • When my twin sister and I were 5, we went to a birthday party that included a trip to the movies to see “Snoopy Come Home”. There’s a part where the Peanuts kids are singing, “Snooooopy, Snoooooopy, oh won’t you come home, come home, come home?” It is so sad. It tears you up inside. We started to bawl; we were inconsolable. Our mother had to come get us.
  • We were always that way, getting each other worked up. We’d lie awake at night in our shared bedroom saying things to each other like, “wait … what if mom and dad …die?!?!?! Waaaah!” and then we’d barge in on my parents for comfort after working each other up into a red-alert fit.
  • The Honda Element is butt ugly. I actually threw up a little in my mouth when one passed me today.
  • When I was six, I threw a giant rock into Lake Huron. Well, I threw it towards Lake Huron. At the precise moment it reached her area, my younger sister stood up and the rock ended its trajectory on the back of her 2-year-old skull. Twin sister & I stifled her screams because we didn’t want to get in trouble. Don’t worry, she was fine and later we told our mother (when we were 17).
  • I just can’t wear a do-rag the way I did back then, young & carefree in Key West.

  • I really, really miss Jim Henson. Viscerally. Deep in my belly. I love The Dark Crystal! I love when Kira is calling for those stilt-walker things and she yells, “kama leyaaaa!” I love when Aughra sniffs Jem and says, “Looks like a gelfling. Smells like a gelfling. Maybe you are a gelfling!!” I love the whole surreal, slow, mystical quality of it.
  • And did anyone else have a pleasant, albeit disturbing, semi-erotic response to the dog-dragon thing in Never-Ending Story? He’s this giant, strong, undulating, furry beast. How could I not feel a tingle?

    • Somebody I know, after reading my comment about waking up in the dead of night with fears, shared the following: For years I used to wake up and check to make sure my breasts and vagina were still there. I had heard that people changed gender, and I thought it happened spontaneously. Just wanted to make sure everything was intact (She finally stopped a few years ago, when she turned 45).
  • I think I might have actually failed Organic Chemistry II, but the professor gave me a mercy D- because I used to go to his office hours every single day. For extra help, you sickies!
  • I got a 7% on my Calculus IV final exam. That's zero-seven. I was done in 23 minutes & spent the next hour and a half drawing bunnies all over my test. I was on Dean’s List every semester except the one after that calculus class (and organic); that semester I was on Academic Probation.
  • I did an independent study in Chemistry that consisted mostly of going out to lunch for Rocks & Wings with my professor. And trying to fix the mass spectrophotometer, which we never managed to do. And learning to shoot a revolver (picture later—in I Might be White Trash VI).
  • I saw somebody I knew at the grocery store today and I ran & hid behind the organic dairy display until she passed. I just wasn’t in the mood.
  • There’s a mentally challenged man who works in the cafeteria at my work, and every time he sees me he asks me the same exact question. I don’t know whether to be annoyed or compassionate. Aren’t I allowed to be annoyed by people, even though they are retarded? Dude, I answered you the first 54 times!!! I hate that I feel guilty for thinking “please shut up” every day, in my mind, at him.
  • I don’t really like Halloween that much. I plan to go out & leave my house dark. Yeah, it’ll be an egg magnet, but at least I won’t have to rummage through my pantry & give the kids canned goods when I run out of candy, like I did last year.

    Monkey said...

    This post is filled with so much yummy goodness. I've hidden behind more organic dairy displays than I care to recall.

    Also, in an odd coincidence of being in the same generation... I also wore a do-rag in Key West circa unmentionable decade.

    miss kendra said...

    i wish there were portable organic dairy displays, so i could avoid people at will.

    jamwall said...

    i remember seeing the dark crystal when i was 12 or something like that and thinking it was cool as hell.

    jiggs said...

    I remember doing very poorly during the second semester of calculus. I had an apathy problem.

    i like to say the same stupid thing to people over and over again and i'm not retarded. Or at least I don't think I am.

    Slyde said...

    ah, many is the night i wake up at 2am and grab my breasts and vagina, as well....

    aughra said...

    Obviously, you know how I feel about the Dark Crystal.

    And I totally felt that way about the Luck Dragon!!

    And I am going to do a nostalgia post about this soon:

    Everytime I smell skunk, I think of this.