March 05, 2008

Magnetic Poetry Time

Long ago I told you about the wall I painted with metallic paint for the purpose of posting magnetic poetry. I even composed some soulful, emo pieces and asked you to compose works to post. Today I noticed that the same poems that some of you wrote back then are still hanging out on my board. It's time to update! Would you like to help me? Take a look at the image above, and compose a masterpiece that I can post. This way, it will be as if you live in my home! Without the added benefit of walking by and smacking my booty. Have fun. Expose your emotional innards for us all to rummage through and discover the gems of your soul. Or else, you know, just write something dirty.


Alex L said...

Hmmm a poem...

I call this piece the 'fate of the hobo'-
I am he,
The man with the plan,
the lonely passenger of life
with no choice but my fate,
why must do this...
I like squirrels,
I dont really want to kill them

I have no idea if you have those words on your wall but well... there it is enjoy.

jamwall said...

"My delicious throb perfume pool."

jamwall said...

Remind me to give your booty a good paddling next time.

Kat said...

liquid candy
caramel cake
never like
your kisses make
me melt

Lauren said...

kill eternity
kiss below
this poison flower
clean your face with my corduroy questions
you melt my concrete with that velvet touch

I took liberties with a few words. I just assumed they were there.

jiggs said...

here's a poem:

bootaytay or vajayjay?
why should I have to choose?