October 26, 2006

Paint it Black

Here's what I did.

So I cordoned off an area of my wall and

painted it with magnetic base coat.

Rust-Oleum makes it.

They also make the chalkboard paint used later.

My lines were pretty straight.

I didn't really mix the base properly.
It weighs a ton.
A tonne!

Please admire my skillz.

wall 002
Some of the finished product.

wall 001
The complete wall.

wall 003

Your assignment:

Take a closer look at my words (by clicking on them)

and suggest a poem/phrase that I may put up.

Or give me a topic and I will do my best with it.

I will show you when it's done.

It'll be as if you live in my house!


Osbasso said...

That is SO damned cool! I had no idea they made a magnetic paint! I hope you come up with some great stories with it!

jiggs said...

phrase: celebrate brilliant women

miss kendra said...

"give her a caramel home in the universe"

corley said...

"look at eternity's velvet ghost"

Monkey said...

You are brilliant. I love you.

blush liquid rhythm

Tits McGee said...

Remember secret velvet throb, sister.

Booty J Patrol said...

Holy crap! When I get a house, I'm doing the whole thing in magnetic paint. That will be sofa king awesome.