March 26, 2008

Magnetic Poet I: Alex L

A while ago, I asked for your input in creating poetry out of the magnetic poetry wall that I painted onto my house. You delivered! Here at last are the creations, one at a time so that you can take them in, roll them around your mind, and bask in their meaning. Oh, I took some liberties with your words, because some of you had duplicate words with other people and I wanted to display them all together. There your creations dwell, on my wall. It's as if you were partying in my house, but minus the lame dip and the throwing up.

Here now

"The Fate of the Hobo"
(What Alex really said here was:

Hmmm a poem...

I call this piece the 'fate of the hobo'-
I am he,
The man with the plan,
the lonely passenger of life
with no choice but my fate,
why must do this...
I like squirrels,
I dont really want to kill them

I have no idea if you have those words on your wall but well... there it is enjoy.)


jamwall said...

This is making me peckish for a squirrel sandwich.

Alex L said...

I think I prefer your abbreviated version actually.