March 25, 2008


Here are the latest search terms that landed perverts people at my blog. You people are gross!

candy with spinning monkey
dirty slags
do do do do do do girls do do do do do i want to see them twirl
double chin nudes
fat cat sat hat
girl on girl anal play golf balls
girls thumb
how to make a paper mr mouth
hungry hungry hippos theme song
i taste like the dreams of mad children
infant teddy bear suit
oh you know me
out for a nekkid drive
peter gabriel and eggs
salt makes me cough
spinning creampie
take a monkey to work day
the art of humping a pillow
tie me up and tickle my tits
uma thurman ketchup joke


Tits McGee said...

Hm. I was heretofore unaware that pillow humping was an art.

I'm an artist!

jamwall said...

The trouble with making a paper Mr. Mouth is the paper cuts.

jiggs said...

did hungry hungry hippos actually have a theme song?