February 09, 2008

Drum roll please!!

OK, everyone has had long enough to share their input, so I must now announce the winners of my Art Contest. They turned out the way that I, myself, was leaning, so at least we are all in agreement about who can draw and who can almost draw. I'm a little sad that my muse and secret lover (Jamwall) only got honorable mention with one vote (his own); I had to vote my conscience (Tits). I hope that Jamwall will still treat me like an object and paddle my behind with blunt objects despite my betrayal.

Now then:



HONORABLE MENTION: Jamwall and Pope Terry

The first and second prize winners will receive crap from my house that has been incubated inside my shirt and/or pants for at least 3 hours, as soon as I have their mailing addresses and I find the appropriate crap to send, something that exemplifies the scope and beauty of this contest.

Everyone gets a certificate! Please print your certificate and display it proudly. See below.

Thank you to all who partcipiated. This contest has changed my view of you irreversibly and irrevocably. And all the other ir- words.


jamwall said...

You're so way off on the tabulation you naughty little object. I secured TWO votes! Makes me wonder how many hanging "chads" could have swung the vote tabulation my way! I noticed an unusual amount of people voted for Pat Buchanan on your little butterfly ballot.

I demand a recount of these votes or a recount of how many paddles that I shall lay upon your rosy behind!

Tits McGee said...


In your pants, please! Pants! Pants! Pants!


Alex L said...

Did I get any votes... maybe I should of voted for myself. oh well, yay certificate, I sahll place it next to my ordainment certificate from the church of universal life. Waiting patiently for the next competition.

jiggs said...

i knew tits was going to win. no offense to the losers.

also, i heart certificates!