August 24, 2005

The World I See

Bringing my camera with me on daily errands opens my eyes to things I don't normally pay much attention to; not to mention, blogging makes me more aware of the everyday humor around me.
I love when people mess with deer-crossing signs. I've seen a deer with a rudolph-nose and another with a raging ... well, it was obviously rutting season, let's just put it that way. But this equestrian crossing takes the cake:
Sometimes I see signs that piss me off. Like this next one. Why would somebody pay mad scrilla for a big vinyl sign and not have a little help with English Grammar?!? Rule: Never use apostrophes to pluralize word's. Argh! Frustrating for my Inner Teacher Lady (shrieking, reaching for a Lorazipam).

A neighbor of mine has an interesting lawn display. Take a look:

Now let's take a closer look. There appears to be some sort of nativity action going on, though I'm not sure; those don't look similar to the pictures of Joseph and Mary in my Children's Picture Bible, but I can assume. If that's the case, then the creche holds a small swaddled babe, correct?

If there is a small, defenseless, pink, chubby baby nearby, then why is there a giant bird of prey?

He is facing the other way, mind you, but he's too close for comfort, in my opinion. Bald Eagles have amazingly strong and sharp talons; their cousin the Golden Eagle can kill a sheep with one dive to the skull.
I can only assume that Mary and Joseph are up on their raptor knowledge, and know that Bald Eagles are primarily fishing eagles, with occasional carrion meals. Hope that little bundle in the manger is alive & kicking--he'll be safe while he is.
I'd better stop while this is still true:


Monkey said...

I'm more worried about Mary, who appears to sinking in quick sand.

Cass said...

I love crazy neighbors. Crazy people in general are great, but I love the ones close to home.

Kris said...

I nearly peed myself at your comment on my blog, as I did at this post.

If I can find it, I'll post a pic I have of an "Old People Crossing" sign.

And I'll also buy Depends before I return.

Jorge said...


I'm glad Jesus love sme too.

I remember that someone went around to all the deer crossing signs north of Toronto and put red noses on them.

Johnny Retail said...

My neighbour has palm trees, the only problem is I live in Toronto Canada where we don't see those babies unless they are on a billboard advertising a sunny destination. Their palm trees are big plastic ones. They even took the time to plant them in the ground! Three in the front yard, and two in pots in the backyard. Where a slight wind tips them over regardless. Scary stuff indeed.

tolbs said...

hahah props to the equestrian sign.

BTW, I would totally pay to see a "Jesus Pwnz You" sign

Leigh Yung Li said...

I am laughing too hard to say much. The bird of prey really adds a whole new twist. Suffice it to say that I am now tempted to buy large stuffed animal birds of prey and add them to all nativity scene displays around the Christmas holiday season.

TinaPoPo said...

Let's be honest. The quick sand is perhaps just one of Mary's many worries. The broad looks pretty constipated, Joseph appears to be inebriated, and the whole family seems to have been poisoned by the same person who messed with Viktor Yushchenko.

babyjewels said...

Yes! The teat's were fantastic on the comment.

Please have your camera should there be an in person sighting of Popi. (see how I didn't link him? Yeah, a moment of clarity)

UberGoober said...

The Baby Cheeses....

That or they are members of the Von Trap Family.

Why don't you kidnap one of them and leave a ransom note.


Used Hack said...

The equestrian sign is priceless. Reminds me of Julie Andrews for some reason.

Melody said...

Yours neighbors are to die for! Is that display on a rocky hillside? Is this their front lawn? I LOVE IT!!

"If there is a small, defenseless, pink, chubby baby nearby, then why is there a giant bird of prey?"

Funny stuff.

Hollywood Phony said...

That's from the Bible, when Jesus was born. That eagle had just dropped him off cuz he was too cool for a stork.