August 24, 2005

Leigh Yung Li

My friend Leigh Yung Li (here she is laughing over his & hers anatomically correct toothbrushes) ...

... is one of the most awesome & funny people I know.
  • When we worked together we used to concoct fake memos and distribute them to the staff, until we were asked not to by upper-level administration (this seems to be a trend lately--apparently, it's not OK to harass people via email anymore [See legal memo at Dewey Screuem & Howe]).
  • When she came over for a slumber party this summer, we stayed up into the wee hours of the morning laughing, something I haven’t done since I left my 20’s. I need to share a few stories, to give you an idea of just how special LYL is.
  • When she was a child, she went to a 2-week sleepaway camp; during her stay, she refused to bathe the entire time, citing cold water and spiders as the reason. Consequently, her camp counselors threw a “soap suds party” in the bathhouse. Only later did she find out that it was only because of her, and their effort to get her smelly crust clean.

  • Two years ago, Leigh Yung Li and I went to 6 Flags to ride roller coasters. I don’t really enjoy them; I mostly just shut my eyes and moan quietly. LYL’s way of coping included repeating what she calls “The Sea World Skit” (excerpted below) over & over at a manic speed, clutching to my arm (& bruising it) the entire time:

  • Hello, my name is Leigh and I’d like to welcome you to Sea World AND we hope you have a pleasant stay AND now settle down to enjoy our sea lion presentation our first sea lion today is named Flipper everybody please put your hands together and give flipper a BIG SEA WORLD WELCOME! Hello, my name is Leigh and I’d like to welcome you to Sea World AND we hope you have a pleasant stay AND now settle down to enjoy our sea lion presentation our first sea lion today is named Flipper everybody please put your hands together and give flipper a BIG SEA WORLD WELCOME! Hello, my name is Leigh and I’d like to welcome you to Sea World AND we hope you have a pleasant stay AND now settle down to enjoy our sea lion presentation our first sea lion today is named Flipper everybody please put your hands together and give flipper a BIG SEA WORLD WELCOME!
  • Later in the day, we rode a floorless coaster called Mind Eraser (note to self: pay attention to the names of things). We had stood in line for over 2 hours, which somewhat (though not fully) excuses what happened next. While we were riding, LYL was laughing hysterically; somewhere in there, she started yelling, “I think I’m peeing!” When we got off the ride, she said, “I think I peed a little; can you check the back of my pants?” A little?!? Her pants were completely soaked from here to there. Worse, there was a puddle on the seat she had just vacated, which the next person climbed into.
  • Leigh Yung Li was 31 years old at the time.
  • These are just a few ways in which LYL is really, really special. Don’t think I’m done talking about her.

**off topic: is it neurotic that my time stamps always
have to be exactly on the hour and half hour?


BadGod said...

I am sure that she is fuckin awesome and shit, but.....

What is sticking out from under her skirt??

Damn this perverted, dirty mind!

Bobby said...

I think I sat in her seat.

And I just had to check to see if your posts really were all time stamped that

Friends of McDougal said...

So your profile pic is smaller now ... but it's lost that alluring "what's about to go in her mouth" feel the old one had.

UberGoober said...

Well, erase my mind and wet my pants, that sounds like a good time.

"I wave hello to your Domo-Kun!"

The real question is, "Would Domo_kun go on the rides with you?"

B.O.B.I. said...

Domokun does as Domokun wants. More than likely he would just rock out the entire time, but it *would* be interesting to see his reaction to something like "The Mind Eraser"...

babyjewels said...

I agree with McDougal. I always thought the picture was something different. Like maybe you and Popi?

Spinning Girl said...

naughty dog, it's a camera.

and mcd--someday I will show you what's really giong on it the original (undoctored) photo and you will just blow your top.

and bobby, is it even more neurotic that after I wrote that post I went back & made sure all my posts were time-stamped like that and changed the 3 where I forgot (too busy turning the lights on & off 42 times I guess).

Danius Maximus said...

yes, but I still love you :)-

JJ said...

Thank God, it was starting to sound like a eulogy. I thought for sure you were going to end with "and she was hit by a drunk driver..."

No, I don't think the half hour thing is neurotic. It's obsessive compulsive, which I believe is a psychosis not a neurosis.

Monkey said...

LYL sounds like my kind of fun. If only she had pooped.

The woman I live with cannot go on rollercoasters of any kind. Since she hit her 30s, she passes out, passes gas and moos. Yes, I said moos. Like a cow.

art said...

For the sake of any one riding with your friend I do hope this mind bender coaster was not a loop coaster.

Shanshu said...

She sounds like a very fun person...but she can't sit on my couch.

Leigh Yung Li said...

Oh my God, this woman sounds like a ton o' fun!!! I want to meet her and hang out with her! Oh wait, I am her! Let's just say, i am not nearly as amusing by myself as I am with Spinning Girl. Our senses of humor and shared interests in writing, observing, analyzing, and laughing at the particularly absurd things in life make us the perfect match for a friendship that will last forever and ever.

So, I must say I logged on to your site Spin.G. because I love it so much it has become my obsession, and boy was I honored and surprised to see that I was the topic. THANK YOU THANK YOU! I didn't know that I was worthy of a whole Blog, but I feel so special. When I finally finish and publish my first book, you will certainly be named in it, which reminds me... I ought to have you read what I have written so's many years in the making, but not nearly close to organized.
Now, to clear up some things:

BADGOD--I don't believe there was anything sticking out from under my skirt. If I recall correctly, I think I had a camera in my hand that I must have put down in my lap to look over those anatomically correct toothbrushes. It was a retirement party and we were passing the gifts around. I can't say exactly why my fingers went immediately to the penis. That's weird, isn't it? Talk about a disturbed mind. I thought I was safe until a coworker said from behind me "I saw where your finger went first!" Damn, I was caught! I wonder if I would brush my teeth more if my toothbrush had a penis on it?
JJ--Thank god, no I was not hit by a drunk driver, but I do always worry about that. I hope that won't come true.

I did actually bruise and draw blood from poor spinning girl on the roller coaster. She probably still has a scar. I can't believe the woman then went on another WOODEN roller coaster with me after aforementioned incident. On the wooden one, I did not have to do my Sea World chant, but did take joy in yelling "Safety is a Concern!"

I'll shut up now. Many thanks to Spinning Girl for even thinking to mention me, let alone write an entire installment about me, airing my dirtiest laundry (pun intended).
I love you S.G.
By the way, I didn't shower at camp. I love the picture link here. Too Funny! Keep the good stuff coming. Publish your writing SG.

Spinning Girl said...

oh my gosh, I forgot about "Safety is Concern!" SO funny. That rickety thing.

My word-ver right now:

The Joy (of) Holding The Domo

musie said...

great flair for stories, i enjoy your writing immensly, hope you dont mind if i link ya, cause well, i have a terrbile sense of direction...*breadcrumbs.....

Friends of McDougal said...

Leigh Yung Li's pic kind of freaks me out. The way she's blacked out ... and the hunched over pose ... you want to think she's laughing ... but she could have just received a blunt force trauma to the back of the head.

Leigh Yung Li said...

Mcdougal~ Worry not, I did not receive any blunt force trauma to the back of my least none that I know of. The party was at my house and certainly if I was hit over the head, any and all party-goers would have been asked to leave the property immediately.

Oh, also I agree with you about the old photo... if only you knew what WAS about to go in her mouth. Remember, this woman eats GOAT MILK YOGURT and then writes about it.

I am still thinking about brushing my teeth with a toothbrush that has a penis on it. What would my dentist think?


Spinning Girl said...

LYL & I need to protect our anonymity, since we are in the public eye; and she laughs so much, the mouth is a dead giveaway.

Shannon said...

I think I peed myself reading your post. Your friend sounds like a blast.

Heather said...

Oh man.. I laughed so hard reading this "welcome to sea world" LOL I think I might have pee'd my own pants just a little.

Friends of McDougal said...

Spinner, maybe you should put a warning on your blog:

Danger, reading may cause incontinence.

Monkey said...

Danger, reading may cause incontinence.

That's a damn good warning.


Vapid Yak Zaps Cat Jowels Rudely

Leigh Yung Li said...

I just peed again reading all of this. Today I will practice my "Hello, MyNameIsLeighAndWelcomeToMySealShowTheFirstSealWeHaveTodayIsFlipper..." routine just for kicks. I hope I don't pee again.

We should have bought the keychains with the pictures of our scared faces on them from the coaster.

Funnier yet, was riding HOME from 6 Flags-- Spinning and myself in the front seats and my husband in the backseat where we had stashed the bag holding the urine soaked shorts. All 2 hours of the ride we kept hearing "Something smells like urine? Do you guys smell urine?" And Spinning says "THAT'S BECAUSE THE SHORTS BACK THERE ARE COVERED WITH URINE!"