July 15, 2008

Oh noooooooo ... teddy bear dress-up!!!

(click to play)

... and the website's in Comic Sans!!!

Visit TBDOA to see more horrors.


FRITZ said...

OMG...did someone make that just for you? I spent at least thirty seconds dressing the teddy bear as a farmer.

I didn't get your email! oh noes! I miss you, too! hmmm. Probably shouldn't give it to you over the comments section (some loon might steal it--like Jamwall, or something).

I'll email you!

Hugs hugs hugs

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

My daughter loves stuff like this.

I remember her dressing a digital Barbie doll for a year straight.

jamwall said...

Its much worse than I thought. They're using COMIC SANS!!!!