June 25, 2008

Meme Summer 2008: Textures

I've decided that in order to keep my writing mind lubricated, I need to write just about every day. I have to force myself away from the endless picking up of clutter and mulching and dusting that seems to fill my days, and tickle the creative muse. I don't care if I need to rely on a prompt on a meme to help me to do so; hence, I have turned to resources such as Daydreaming on Paper to help me. Now then ... welcome to Meme Summer 2008! This festival will last the entire summer, or else as long as I feel like it.

10 Textures I Enjoy Touching

  1. bowls of small, round objects

  2. lotion applied to wet skin

  3. eggplant and banana skins

  4. hot, sun-baked concrete or Spanish tile

  5. aloe leaf (and other succulents)

  6. cat fur (while still on the cat ... rolling around under the couch, not so much)

  7. bird feathers (while still on the bird)

  8. beaded fabric

  9. tree trunk

  10. just-mowed lawn (touched with feet)


Diedre said...

I don't think I can get to ten it's a strech

1. my husband's ass (still on the man)
2. my dog's ears (still on the dog)
3. hot steering wheel
4. my pillow
5. foam soap
6. glass
7. hot wax
8. scabs/scars

oh lord I sound like I belong on the Adam's Family

jamwall said...

You forgot to include my "lubricated head."

tuuna taco said...

I KNEW Jamwall would contribute something to this!!!

Spinning Girl said...

What would be surprising would be if some time Jamwall wouldn't take the bait.

Twirling Girl said...

Things I like to touch:
1. Money - clean, crips $20 bills
2. Soft Towels
3. Suede
4. My baby's hair
5. Rabbit Fur (still on the rabbit)
6. Warm, Bermuda sand
7. Interesting fruit, like starfruit, kiwi, horny melons
8. Sexy arm muscles on a hot, tan guy
9. Soft leaves such as lamb's ear
10. Cactus, even though I know it will poke me! Ouch

jamwall said...

I sure needed a lot of Prell to wash the Crisco out of my hair.

What were you folks thinking?