March 22, 2008

Today in New York: a list of sights, sounds & thoughts

  • wow, it's 11:00 already?!?
  • Starbucks
  • Greenwich Village
  • Arch
  • potato-leek soup
  • warm hands
  • a homeless person sleeping in the doorway
  • just a penny will help!
  • wow, he's eating something out of the garbage
  • dogs in sweaters
  • a baby in a fur-lined coat that says "baby phat"
  • chess sets with an Elvis theme, and Wizard of Oz, and Simpsons
  • cheese fondue, followed by chocolate, at Swizzle restaurant
  • blue lights in the windows
  • a fountain by Rockefeller Center
  • taxi driver from hell
  • mmmmmmm melted chocolate
  • "she says to me, dude, you gotta pull your pants up."
  • my hotel key stopped working
  • this bed is huge and comfortable


jamwall said...

You mean I'm not supposed to skinny dip in the Frick collection fountain?

Sleep Goblin said...

The Simpsons chess set is in the lobby of the place I work. Because, you know, when you're waiting for an interview, you're going to play chess with yourself.

jiggs said...

actually a penny won't help.

Slyde said...

i'll be in manhattan tomorrow (and thru the rest of the week) for work.

great to visit, sucky place to commute...

jamwall said...

Damn those Rockefeller Center skating rink beats were so FRESH!....SNAP!

jamwall said...

Don't forget "male ladies shoe salesmen who may have a foot fetish."