March 21, 2008

I ate the feet first.

Your Chocolate Easter Bunny Personality

You are logical, rational, and consistent.

You take big decisions pretty seriously.

You can be considered a bit aloof at times...

But you're probably sitting back and analyzing things.

Your emotions don't control you, and you are a very disciplined person.

There's no way that you'd go out of control and eat too much chocolate!


jamwall said...

I just dipped my entire naked hairy body in a vat of Tobelrone for a delightful "Cowbelldue."

jiggs said...

You know what you want in life and how to get it.
You're not going to waste time or let yourself be meek

Whether it's chocolate, money, or power...
You take what you can get, and you act quickly.

You have a lot of energy, and people sometimes scared by your determination.
Not that you care what other people think. You're not going to apologize for who you are.