April 18, 2007

Lunch at Chocopologie Cafe

Twirling Girl and I went to lunch at this lovely spot called Chocopologie in South Norwalk, CT. It is quite famous for the chocolates, produced by chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt, who has been featured on various networks (most recently a special on the Food Network) for his world-famous treats.

We sat in The Gallery, which afforded us a view of the kitchens, where Easter chocolates were being hand-dipped and boxed.

The Oompa-Loompas tend to be a bit skittish. They don't really like it when you stare, so it's better to look at them with your peripheral vision. Fritz himself was on site, but I didn't snap his picture. What am I, a freaking tourist?!?!? (yes)

The sale & awards shelf in the back. I think this is where they put stuff that they don't want to get rid of, but that would clutter up the front of the shop.

I ordered ginger ale and a pot of tea.

How lovely it all was!

This Oompa Loompa was dipping half-eggs and then sticking them together. This was a task that appeared repetitive and tiresome. I imagine even working with yummy treats gets old after a while.

The display case was tempting.

This lovely photo was in the bathroom.

The eggs were packaged in boxes for shipping.

Our meals were decent; TG had crab cakes ...

I had duck breast on mixed greens. It was overcooked, but the salad was delicious. It had a fig vinaigrette that I'd love to copy.

By far the best part of the meal was the dessert; we each ordered a truffle, and then shared this dessert. It was a crepe with vanilla ice cream, strawberries, and a green peppercorn sauce. If you think those three things wouldn't taste fabu together, guess again! It was unreal.

If you're ever in SoNo (South Norwalk), give me a jingle; we'll meet for lunch in chocolate heaven.


Monkey said...

I am SO hungry!

We would make such a fabulous team, you and I. Neither of us being afraid of being called "Tourist" even in our home towns.

Ginger ale and a pot of tea. Oh my. Did I mention when I visited that Ginger Ale is one of my favorite drinks? Or was I too bloated with Red Bull?

DaMasta said...

Hey, you know by reading my blog that I'm regularly a tourist in my own city. My favorite towns to be a tourist in around here are Galveston (natch) and Kemah.

And the first rule of having a camera is to take.pics.with.celebrities!!! What were you thinking?!? Who cares if he's just some chocolate dood in a cafe.. he's a celebrity in *your* (bunk) town and that's all that matters!

miss kendra said...

i love food places! i love pictures of food places and the food therein!

you are my hero!

jamwall said...

kritz fnipschit?

i went to school with a mr. fnipshit. he used to melt hersheybars in his pants then he would shape them into all the star wars characters.

very odd young man.

Twirling Girl said...

I make no apology for my afternoon at Chocopologie with Spinning Girl! It was delicious! Fritz Knipschildt is awesome.

Big Pissy said...

What great pictures!

It all looks soooooooo yummy.

There is nothing worth being a tourist for here in Hell.... :(

Brookelina said...

I'm on a diet here!!!

jiggs said...

When I decide that I no longer want to have kids, I'll go to the doctor and get my knipschildt.

ajooja said...

God, that dessert looks so good. It's something I'd probably never order too, but it looks so good. :)

Madge said...


Do this more!