April 02, 2007

I have 5 new pen pals

Here are the best spam names I have seen lately:

Emcallous sarsaparilla
Flatlicks edina
Via Gra
Willinocket Conshohocken
Cowbell Gene


jamwall said...

cowbell gene is by far the tastiest spam you can possibly slather on your tongue.

i'm just sayin.

Hammer said...

I got one from Cystalograpy I. Dragnet. I guess her parents were hippies or something ;)

Monkey said...

Cowbell Gene? What mutation is that?

See? Sometimes Spam is fun. This is why I can never bring myself to delete Mr. Sink Sink Socks. It's just too good!

BeckEye said...

Cowbell Gene!

"Don't blow this for us, Gene!"

Jeans Pants said...

Mmmmmmm spam. Im a big fan of spam and eggs

Übermilf said...

All I know is my penis is much, much too small to bring my partners pleasue.

Madge said...

Flatlicks Edina.

Good name for a band!

Butchieboy said...

It is good to meet new people.

Lee Ann said...

Did you ever see Spam-a-lot?

My Side Of The Bed said...

I'm not sure which SPAM to comment on.