March 08, 2007

This machine has changed. My. Life. Forreverrrrrrrrrrr

I bought the Senseo pod coffee machine, and it is one of the best purchases I have ever made! For people who love a fresh-tasting cup of coffee, this really is the way to go. Gone are the days of burnt, sat-too-long-on-the-burner blahs. Helloooo, frothy deliciousness!

Senseo makes all sorts of pods, with different roasts, blends .... even tea. You can also buy pods made by other companies. They cost a bit more, but I figure I am saving money by not pouring sub-par, overcooked coffee down the drain. Or spending half my income at Starbucks.

Here is an action shot of me placing the pod into the machine! Wooh!

Watch as the coffee pours out of the spout! It takes the machine 90 seconds to heat up, and then 30 seconds to brew each cup. I can brew 4 cups before I have to fill the water reservoir, which takes only a moment. The machine is ready to brew again right away. I can also select for small cup or mug size. The spout moves up or down to accommodate mug sizes; it does not fit my giant travel mug, but luckily, I know how to pour.

(This beautiful hand-thrown mug is thrown by the brilliant artist at Five Wings Studio in Fitzwilliam, NH.)

Now, does that, or does that not, look delicious?!?!? The best part of my new machine is the quality of the coffee that comes out. Not only is it fresh, it is frothy and steamy and altogether delightful. I feel like I should be sitting in a cafe in Provence instead of on the stool in my kitchen. Coffee lovers, if you don't know about the pod, I think it's time for you to learn.


DaMasta said...

Ah yeah, I've seen that several times at Bed Bath and Beyond... that's where you bought it, didn't you?!? I know you're obsessed with that store. I swear I can roam around and get lost there for several hours at a time and never buy a thing. Just looking makes me happy. I digress..

LushlyMe said...

Hey! Your's is fancier than mine! It makes the best coffee doesn't it? Perfect for the gal that is the only one drinking coffee on a weekday. HHNT!

Übermilf said...

This is like coffee porn.

Osbasso said...

I am SO glad I haven't been forced down that caffeine highway. It looks nice, and the warm frothiness comes through. Oh, and a nice action shot!

I hope you have many, many cups of frothy goodness passing your lips in your future

Hammer said...

I've got a cheap version. It's so nice not to have the mess, expense and waste of a traditional coffee pot.

jamwall said...

does that work for melted cheese?

ajooja said...

Yeah, my wife loves hers.

I'm more of a double-shot guy myself. It's a little frothy for me.

I've got to admit, at first glance, I thought some other sort of machine had changed your life. :)

twolf1920 said...

DAMn that looks SOOO tasty!

Madge said...

It's time for the first cup follow-up: Where are they now?

Kat said...

Oh my.
Must add this to the registry.
I need some fast coffee all day every day.

Marisa said...

pod love

Brian said...

I tend to drink multiple cups on the weekend, so I'm worried that it won't fulfill my need for massive amounts of coffee in a short amount of time. But this might be a good thing in the long run, being forced to drink it one cup at a time.

Cain said...


"No Coffee, No Coffee, No Coffee.."
If I can't take my coffee break,
my coffee break
my coffee break
If I can't take my coffee break..

Something within me dies..oh,

Something within me



Take a break...nice machine. (wink)


jamwall said...

i drink straight from the decanter.

.....i've got a problem..

B.E. Earl said...'s just past 2 in the afternoon and I was just jonesing for some java.

Then I stumble upon this. Very nice! Gotta go.

Twirling Girl said...

This machine truly does dispense frothy coffee deliciousness, I KNOW because Spinning Girl made me several mugs of outrageously tasty coffee when I visited her recently!

Brookelina said...

You really should get a commission from this company. I have to have one now.

Princess Pointful said...

My regular coffee maker just had the experience that is equivalent to coffee maker's penis envy.
There, there, my little guy.
(as I gaze over his shoulder at the Senseo machine)

Cap'n Marrrrk said...

Cute, convenient, and easy to use. I can see how you like it. I was going to hassle you about the cost of the pods as they can very expensive, but I saw you can get a 4 pack of 18 count pods for $16 bucks at Amazon. Senseo wants 29.95 for a 10 count bag of Cappuchino!

I'm French Press guy myself. It's messy but the coffee is oh so good.

javajazz said...

can you just eat the little pods?

Monkey said...

Good Lord! I agree with Übie. I feel so dirty.

javajazz said...

(can you get them in processed cheese flavoured pods too?)