November 17, 2006

So Much Birthday Goodness

My birthday came & went with a small amount of fanfare and wonderful wonderful gifts from Blogland! Here are some of them:

Sleep Goblin, my favoritest Wisconsinian:

The chocolates were a little bit tumbled in the journey, but so delicious! I have only eaten two, so have not yet found the chili pepper one. I am having flashbacks to the wonderful hot-chili cocoa that Monkey and I made way back when. Every time I encounter that flavor, I am reminded of how he fussed over that tricky recipe!

Next, from Fritz, my muse in disguise:



A book I've been wanting to read, for it has come highly recommended. I'm worried, though, because other people whom I admire and respect have said that they don't like it. I suppose I will find out! The gift is greatly appreciated regardless.


A most wonderful book by Barbara Kingsolver, my most favorite authress. How did Fritzie ever know that I may have wanted this?


In the wild places that call me out, I know I'll recover my wordless childhood; trust in the largeness of Life and its willingness to take me in. -- Barbara Kingsolver

And finally, from Madge, whose handwriting is so lovely that I have to sit down, weak-kneed, to read it:

bitrhday 7d


This is a most special and cherished gift, and unexpected, and a testament to how well Madge really knows me; of course she knows I would love this. Loved it the first time I saw it, in fact:



And I must reiterate here that it is quite frightening how in love with Jane I am. I love her so much, that my belly hurts when I think of her. Jane. Jane. Jane. Jane. Jane. Jaaaaaane.

Thank you, all of you, for making me feel special on my birthday! Kiss and a kissy kiss kiss.


Bill said...

The Time Traveler's Wife ... I read it and liked it. I even posted about it but Blogger has such a shitty search function I can't find it. Or maybe I left a comment on Sizzle's blog about it because she read it and liked it too.

If you read it to the end and do not like it you have no romance, you have no soul, you have no love in your life because you don't know what it is. You're a middle manager with a mortgage and happy about it.

btw ... it's a love story but not of the Hallmark card variety.

Tits McGee said...

I ache for Jane, too. I am seriously contemplating a catnapping trip to FLA.

jiggs said...

You're so lucky to have such great friends!

Spinning Girl said...

Bill -- it's possible not to like a book and still have a soul.

I hope.

I hated The Unbearable Lightness of Being, much to the chagrin of most people I meet.

BadGod said...

I was gonna send something but it's hard, you know, with that restraining order thing.

LBseahag said...


I worship you, too...

can i send you something? fresh from the LA LA land? please?

syzygy said...

so up until this point, i had been too bashful to proclaim my true love for you, spinning girl. i have obsessively checked your blog for more than a few months. each time i was too shy to tell you that i do.

i'm not a creepystalkergirl, i can assure you of that. i just find your blog to be wonderful, and entertaining, and well, wonderful!

so happy belated birthday, from a far-away admirer.

miss kendra said...

i feel so ungiving.

i should have sent part of your holiday goodness.


the unromantic blogger without a soul said...

Hooray for birthdays!

Jane loves you back.


Bobby said...

oh, when I play with my vajayjay tonight, I will do it in celebration of your birthday.

happy bday, you deserve a wondeful day and week, and thanks to your mother for having you!

Monkey said...

Bill is a little harsh here! Ahem.

I liked the Time Traveler's Wife, but not as much as say, "Atonement" by Ian Mcewan. What I mean is... I thoroughly enjoyed it, but was not haunted by it.

So much yummy goodness for your birthday! And I too, will be stowing away in Ms. McGee's suitcase when we go a catnapping.

I finally made something for you. I love you with all my furry heart.

Sleep Goblin said...

I feel the need to confess that that card is not in my handwriting, as I ordered your gift online and typed in my message...

One day I shall send you a for real handwritten card of thanks. Because I'm writing my wedding thank you cards...

Lee Ann said...

Sorry I missed your birthday...hope it was a good one!