November 18, 2006

I'm so grown up now.

I have been so very very busy trying to make my house look like a grown-up's house, instead of a patched-together dorm room. I am getting there, so I thought I would show you all my progress, just so you'd know I haven't been resting on my ass.

maja 013

... a garage, with tools and plywood
and a real-life extension ladder!

maja 009

... this is my yoga room; really the third bedroom, but since I do more yoga than I have sleepovers, there is no guest bed. That's what the aerobed is for! Also, here I tinkle the keys. This rug, which I love, came from Pottery Barn along with a rug pad that was soaking wet and growing mushrooms! It's true. Big ups to P.B. customer service, who agreed that the mushroom-free variety is much more desirable!

maja 010

This is a cozy little sitting area in the den, with these really old chairs, and chess, and etch-a-sketch. Here I sit and etch and sample the Halloween candy.

maja 011

... for quality, you know.

maja 012

I feel so adult when my
silverware is neatly aligned.

maja 006

whoops! You weren't supposed to see that.
Let's just shut this door, shall we?

maja 005

Here is my office, which I have painted light sage.

maja 004
Here is where I sit and talk to all you freaks.

(I'm allowed to say that, being a freak myself)

maja 002
My fireplace, painted dark red (it was white before)

maja 003

No more meals on the floor.

maja 001

My grandmother's piano lives with me now.

The living room too has been painted.

My house is finally ready for guests.

(hint hint)


Brookelina said...

I'm so there!!

Big Mama said...

WOW! That is a very nice place you have there and I LOVE the fireplace!!! Hey only one room looked "dorm-ish" But I won't tell anyone, we can just shut that door anyway...

tuuna taco said...

We'll be right over!
oh, wait, you're not home right now.

Anonymous said...

I was about to leave you a very important comment about how lovely your place is + how I love all of your projects...when Jane jumped into my lap! She loves you and would like to visit you.

Monkey said...

I am in love with your ladder and your dining set. Yes, indeed.

I also enjoyed the "employees only" area. Ahem.

Anonymous said...

I like it! Good job. :) Twirling Girl

Twirling Girl said...

I am not anonymous, I am twirling girl sorry I didn't put my name on my comment

miss kendra said...

i want to play your piano.

that may or may not be a euphamism.

AndyT13 said...

Very nice jorb! YOu is a grown up decoratin' foll! If I were invited I would bring yummy carrot cake goodness! Or perhaps some spakling apple cider of the freshly store bought variety. I dunno, what would a spinning girl like?
Your newly still sober pal,

jiggs said...

next time I'm in wherever you live I'll totally visit!

LBseahag said...

OMG...u are totally my idol!