September 02, 2006

The muse opens an eye.

I've been feeling really drained of creative energies, at least for writing, for a while. I guess the whirlwind of life has a way of doing that. Between living out of a box, buying a house, moving, starting back to work, becoming an auntie for the 3rd time, putting my poor granny in a nursing home, babysitting my niece and nephew while my sisters attend myriad appointments, vacationing, choir camp, and miscellany, my writing has taken a back seat. I believe and hope that the muse will return from her long, long absence once my walls are painted and there isn't a scrap of cardboard to be seen anywhere in my living space, and once the families have settled down again.

I've missed my digital camera. Oh, I've taken lots of pictures, but not had the ability to download them until today.

For your enjoyment (and mine) I will post some of the lovelier pictures I took this summer. Later, watch for some of the Nostalgika horrors I found when I lived back at my parents' house for a month, including dolls (which you know
I love so much) and my 1980's pocketbooks.

Before I post the pictures, I must share the greatest T-shirt I saw today. It said: REAL MEN HAVE CATS. This delights me deeply.

And now without further ado, photo loveliness!:

Tree frog on rose.

Tree frog on rose 2.


Sky magic, just for

More berries. I don't know what kind.

Hyper fluff-dog.

Linger Longer I

Linger Longer II

Linger Longer III

Ebb tide.

Bee on beach rose.


Übermilf said...

Those are incredibly beautiful pictures. But I am scared that the date says Sept. 3 because I think it's Sept. 1. Did I lose 2 days???

Naynayfazz said...

I love your pictures. You are very talented. And wow, it does say Sept 3rd on your blog. I just went back to look. I thought I slept late today! :)

Spinning Girl said...

Just pre-posting for the weekend so I feel like I did something, while I actually sleep in.

Pete said...

I have a camera.

clifton said...

Hey, were you making fun of me?

miss kendra said...

i love preposting.

the fluff dog is great.

shirlsd said...

photos are beautiful!!! (catching up on reading your blog - and am immediately reminded how much i always enjoy what you post!) enjoy your holiday weekend! (p.s. i've not forgotten that you once gave me a letter - "y" - and i intend to post soon!)

Jeremy said...

Hey great pics! I love sunsets!

Brookelina said...

Beautiful and talented, how is it you're still single?

Go ahead, hit me.

aughra said...

Great pictures. Good luck with the new house.

And I need to post some Granny pictures of my own...

Tits McGee said...

So pretty! The sunset pictures make me ache.

Freiya said...

ooooh! such lovely lovely pictures, and thankyou for the sky magic, you are the best :)

exile said...

i hate when my creative juices dry up

then it's like, "well, i can't sleep like this, now i need to take a shower..."

Madge said...

there is a boy kissing your cheek!

i repeat, there is a boy kissing your cheek!