September 01, 2006

Granny Girl [repost]

My Granny is just a Girl.

Granny is just a girl inside ... a girl who had friends; friends just like my friends.

Goofing around during school photos

Giggling in groups, drinking from beer steins

Playing on weekends ... living secrets, telling secrets.

The girl is in there, inside the old body with the creaky bones and the bewildered mind...

making daisy chains
laughing behind a hand
skiing through town
writing long letters
dreaming of a life ahead

The granny-girl inside is the one that loves me, that knows my soul and calls me friend.

Someday, I will be a Granny Girl, too.


Anamika Anyone said...

Its so wonderfully weird to see the people you've known and loved your whole life as totally different ones in another time, especially the old ones.

Cap'n Marrrrk said...

That's great. I have no such connection to my own family grannies, grampies, mom & dad, no one. You're connection is wonderful.

The girl in the school photo making rabbit ears on another girl...priceless. I wonder if that goes back to cave painting times.

Kat said...

My grandmother always says that one of the hardest things about being old is that only your body ages. That on the inside you never get much older than 25. She says that sometimes she'll look at an attractive young man and sometimes he'll seem to be looking back. And just as soon as she thinks he might be giving her 'the eye' she remembers that she's 83 not a young 'looker'. Your post is an important reminder. Thanks for that spinny.

Tits McGee said...