July 08, 2006


I'll be unplugged for the next week:
  • no cell phone
  • no real phone
  • no TV
  • no iPod
  • no radio
  • no internets

Instead, I'll be plugged into:

  • outdoors
  • lake
  • kayak
  • fireflies
  • companionship
  • campfire
  • guitar music
  • mosquitoes

In my absence, please fill my comment thread by telling me:

  • something about your childhood
  • something I probably don't know about you
  • something you would like to do to for with me if we ever meet.

Sunday, July 9th is my 1-year Bloggiversary (here's my very first post). Anything before this post is stuff I've "sent to the back" for safekeeping. Feel free to browse the early stuff. And as always, Talk Amongst Yourselves.


MadMeer said...

Something about my childhood:

When I was 5, I convinced Marcus, the cute 7 yr-old neighbor boy, to moon me from the top of his jungle jim under the condition that I would show him mine next. Instead I just ran home giggling after seeing his white butt.

Osbasso said...

Please take a camera!!! Sounds like a great time. Too bad you're not doing it out west...

1. I came home from school one day (1st grade), and my Mommy wasn't home. I went outside and saw her at the mailbox. I ran to her in tears and hugged her leg. Then looked up and saw it wasn't her.
2. In spite of my ease in front of large groups of people, I tend to be very shy around individuals or small groups.
3. Cuddle up next to you by a campfire by a small lake, singing along to a recording of Vivaldi's "Gloria". You strike me as an alto...

Zombie Lou said...


Freiya said...

Ooh, back to nature! lovely :)
something about my childhood.... i could name every british flower by sight when i was ten, i sort of still can, give or take a few :)
something about me you don't know.....erm...you know all the big stuff soooo..... i have a birthmark in a very personal place ;)
something you would like to do with/for/to me....talk, just talk and talk till our throats were dry :)

miss kendra said...

childhood: i went to a theater/art camp for three summers and one year i was quite disappointed to not get the lead (i always got the lead) and instead i had to be the narrator and dress as a hobo.

something you don't know: i hate jellybeans. HATE.

something we should do: makeovers! drag queen makeovers. i'll start sewing empty balogna packages into dresses. kicky, alluring dresses.

hyena9 said...

1. childhood... When we were living in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela, my sisters and I rescued four kittens from a house that was under construction next door. The momma cat had died in front our our house. My mom, who has always been horribly allergic to cats, allowed us to keep them until we found homes to put them in.

2. don't know... I'm currently bald. ;>

3. like to do... All the things that you're doing right now. (Well, minus the mosquitoes, but sometimes they're unavoidable.)
* outdoors
* lake
* kayak
* fireflies
* companionship
* campfire
* guitar music

DaMasta said...

When I was a wee lass, a boy kid from down the street playfully [spitefully] kicked me in the crotch. And ya know what.. it fucking hurts wether you're a girl or a boy.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

Happy Blogaversary!

Something about my childhood: I had a chicken as a pet that we hatched as a class in the 5th grade.

jamwall said...

childhood: i was forced (along with other children in first grade) to sing debbie boone's "you light up my life" in the audorium in front of all the other kids. we were on a choir podium which collapsed. nobody was hurt, but thankfully it ended the musical number.

don't know about me: i'm a huge music snob (but an ecclectic music snob at that).

something you would like to do to for with Spinning Girl if we ever meet: government cheese, you in a milkmaid's dress, me in my assless chaps and a Dr. Seuss hat, and a few ideas from the audience.

Neal said...

Have a good camping trip.
Something you don't know, hmmm...if I tell you then you'll know.

BadGod said...

My childhood: I was ignored by my parents unless I was being bad.
(also my older brother went 4 months without speaking to me. I was, like, 8 years old. It really bothered me at the time.)

You may not believe this, but there is a good chance that if you (or your readers) spend any amount of time online, you've seen me or some films that I have made with my friends. True story.

As for what I would do to you? Well....it would involve a keychain, box of shoes, a spare tire, a dvd of midget porn and a puppy.

Oh, and a Lone Ranger mask. For me, of course.

Slyde said...

something about your childhood

i had braces for about 6 years. That really sucked.

something I probably don't know about you

I am madly in love with you....

something you would like to do to for with me if we ever meet.

I'd love to have a literary discussion with you. We seem to have a similar taste in literature. Oh yeah, and we'd be naked.

Freewheel said...

You're going on vacation, so you leave us with homework?

Can I get an extension?

Juliabohemian said...

Something about my childhood...
I have Adhd. When I was in elementary school, I spent most of my time with my desk in the hall or moved away from the other students. I think my Mom was in denial about my having a real condition that needed medical attention. So, she maintained that I must be misbehaving and doing poorly academically, just to annoy her. I was about 20 when I finally learned how to study and take notes.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I rescued a drowning boy.

Madge said...

Happy Bloggiversary + 1 day.

1) I won the 1st grade Thanksgiving coloring contest that the 8th grade sponsored; I drew a giant turkey and a pilgrim aiming for him with a gun.

2) I'm bad with goodbyes so I try my best to avoid them altogether and slip away before anyone notices I'm gone.

3) We would go for a hike!

Bill said...

Let's see ...

Childhood? I stayed awake one night with the light on till the sun came up because my grandfather scared the crap out of me with one of his ghost stories.

Don't know about me? I was an altar boy. And I got fired by Father Bolan because I mumbled the parts of the mass that I didn't know.

Something to do with Spinning Girl? Go skating on Ottawa's Rideau Canal in February. (And no, we wouldn't be naked. At least, I sure as hell wouldn't be - not in Ottawa in February.)

Rrramone said...

1. When I was about 6 I won a local coloring contest at the grocery store. My first art prize. :-)

2. I played the clarinet in the band.

3. I'd love to have coffee, talk till my head was too full, and draw you (though you would not be allowed to have any input on that). :-)

Tits McGee said...

Happy Bloggiversary!!!

1) In third grade, I swapped underpants for a day with a boy in my class named Matt. They were a little snug.

2) My great-grandmother used to watch professional wrestling on TV while drinking beer from a can and eating pickled pigs feet. Seriously. Oh, and she'd cuss a lot, too.

3) Play Barbies!

Brookelina said...

1. When I was 5, I was the mascot for the local high school's cheerleading squad.

2. I can play the flute. And I dont mean the skin flute. But..uh...well you know.

3. Get drunk and make out.

twolf1920 said...

you GO gurl!!!!

Ricardo Montalbán said...

1) When I was a boy, my brother Carlos and I shared a bed. He was the king of the Dutch oven.

2) My testicles are man of rich, Corinthian leather. Oh wait, you already knew that.

3) See here, my love.

jamwall said...

come back! i've got a giant vat of melted government cheese and a spatula for spreading the cheese all over your tickle parts. not to mention that i purchased the very finest leiderhosen for dancing and yodeling and its chafing my inner thighs really bad.

FRITZ said...

My Childhood:

My best friend and I wrote a play. We designed a set. We built the set out of computer paper and crayons. We had my mother put makeup on us. We performed it.

I forgot all my lines and my friend got mad at me. Her dad took her home when I started to cry.

What I would do with you:
I would not put you in a hole in my basement and make you put lotion on. I WOULD suggest we get a manicure and pedicure, go to the zoo, have high tea at the Ritz, and eat Mongolian barbeque for dinner. All of this would be followed up by a trip to a cafe where we would sip coffee and laugh, laugh, laugh.

FRITZ said...

Something you don't know about me:
Everytime I play Moonlight Sonata on the piano, I cry.

How freakin' lame is THAT?

Margaret said...
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Bill said...

If you and Brooke ever hook up, get pictures.

Mom of Three said...

Aren't the mosquitoes technically plugged into YOU? Just a thought.

jiggs said...


Friends of McDougal said...

1. My mom left my little sister and I like $4 each one day when we were home with a babysitter. Later that day, we walked to the Skagg's or Walgreen's with the babysitter with our money. I told the babysitter my sister did not have any money, and that all $8 was mine. I bought a kick ass Tron action figure and my sister got jack shit. For me, this incident is the equivalent of Christian's original sin and drives me to be nice (esp. to my sister) in situations where I otherwise might not. Guilt is a powerful motivator.

2. I have run 20 marathons.

3. Does John Ashcroft read this blog?

Freewheel said...

You've been gone for so long that I forgot the homework assignment. Can I have another extension?

Madge said...

Plug yourself in already!

I miss you!

Anamika Anyone said...

1.I was verrrrrrrry shy
2.I wear lenses
3.I would copy your hairstyle :)

Izzie said...

Childhood: My Mum and I have brown eyes, and my brother and Dad have blue. So naturally I grew up thinking girls had brown and boys had blue eyes. Makes sense.