November 06, 2005

Post-Celebratory Bliss (I Get the Best Gifts!)

I had such a lovely birthday! This day always reminds me to reflect upon my life and its countless blessings. I so appreciate all of the warm greetings on my previous two posts, and the beautiful gifts I received. I'm a little disconcerted by the use of "your mom" and "hawt" in the same sentence, but upon further examination I have come to realize that both my parents are pretty effing fabu!

Besides a fabu family, here are some of the wonderful gifts that were bestowed upon me:

A loverly
poem by a certain blogging dearie.

Bookplates from my friend Anihu

A cozy blanket and
delicious little cake, from Quilting Girl

A shopping spree!

A brooch, from Leigh Yung Li

A series of surprise photos on my digital camera;

this one is entitled "Tuuna Taco's foot, photo 2 of 7"

New gloves, with baby blue leather piping. Yum!

Cocoa goodness

Chocolaty goodness


A calendar


And more flowers!

I am touched and pleased beyond measure by these gifts of love. Happy birthday to me!


Harry Yak said...

ok there will be more later but i have to get this off my chest. sorry but those pictures of your mom are hot. i know hot women when i see them and your mother has it going on! i suppose it would be poor form to ask for her number?

Calzone said...

Your Dad is smokin!!!

FRITZ said...

What wonderful gifts! What wonderful presents! What wonderful family!

You are just a very well-treated Spinning Girl.

Yes. Yes, you are.

ticharu said...

Hey, I didn't know it was yer birthday, dang, yer not as old as ya look only as old as ya feel!
How old is yer Mom? Wow!

babyjewels said...

I echo calzone, you dad is hawt! Hey, since we're neighbors, can I come over for some chocolate?



Juliabohemian said...

that's great. I hate my birthday. It's like a kidney stone. I try to pass it quickly and painlessly and hope that it doesn't leave any scars.

BadGod said...

I suppose the "Vagina Thruster 6000" I sent you, didn't make it in time.


Side note---anyone else having problems w/ blogger? My Monday post is not publishing. Never happened like this before. Oh well.

Weary Hag said...

Wonderful gifts and good job posting them for all of us to see!

Yayyy for you SG !! Happy happy belated.

Ms Vile File said...

Happy belated Birthday!

ALucky you. Awesome presents. I want your friends for myself.