October 03, 2005

Pad Thai Meditations

In one hour I’m going to be eating some of the best Thai food on the planet.

I have an hour to kill. What surfaces?

I can’t believe I killed my
Tamagotchi. After all these years, it died in a heap of its own filth as I neglected it with my new blogging habit.

The Venezuelan Handyman is back, fixing my tub. The last time I saw him was on Christmas morning, when he left for Maracaibo after a month of living downstairs and fixing every single thing in my house, including me. Now he’s just a dirty guy scraping grout. I feel nothing. How does that happen? He does have
nice hands, I’ll give him that.

I miss the old Sesame Street. I particularly miss that skit with the hairy hippie guy singing, “monad-a nah, na bee dee bee dee” and then the two hippie chicks chiming in. Then he breaks it down with this funky-ass stuff, going “monad-u-nuh-na na, buhnana, buhnana, muh nuh na na na…” The two hippie chicks stare at him like he has lost it. Now that was good television.

Every day, my neighbor’s mop dog gets loose from its leash, and every day I return said mop dog. My neighbor opens the door a crack, puts down her scotch, and takes the dog, then asks me if I want to have tea on the porch sometime. I always say, “maybe someday.”

I was so upset when John Denver died. I wasn’t born in the summer of my 27th year as his song made me hope, and I hoped he might tell me when that would happen for me.

I could use a pedicure. Either that, or maybe just take a belt sander to this callus on my heel.

All the women in my family go barefoot most of the time. We are farmish folk.

I will never bungee jump.

I will never skydive.

I have climbed a 50’tree wearing only lobster claws, and belayed about 500 kids through a high ropes course.

I wish I had gone to Paul Simon’s concert in Central Park in 1991. That album rocks.

Was I the only one who suspected the Brady kids got it on after hours? They weren’t actually related, after all.

If I forget whether I took my meds or not, I don’t know whether it’s worse to skip the day or take another one. I suppose I should ask somebody that, someday.

What is a cloudberry? I have a jar of jam made from them.

I can’t believe random people in cars have the capacity to hurt my feelings. Today, I got the “Go ahead, go ahead, no you go, go already!” wave from somebody and I could tell from the tone of their fingers and wrist that the hand was pissed at me. It bothered me for a good long time.

It’s such a gorgeous day today. I can’t even conceive of how February will feel.

My feet look f-ing fabu in these shoes.


Calzone said...

You climbed a tree wearing nothing but lobster claws???

You are a freak baby.

Lee Ann said...

Sounds like you found stuff to do for that hour. Have a great dinner!

B.O.B.I. said...

I'd climb you with nothing but lobster claws! Rrrrr!

As for the barefoot thing, I can totally relate! It just feels better!

Want a foot massage to relieve those callouses? C'mere, baby.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I love your random thoughts. I completely understand about the car hand signal thingy.

kan said...

Your hair is possessed....uh oh.

LBseahag said...

Thanks a lot for stirring up the grief over John Denver...

and wasn't that the same year Sonny Bono checked out, too?

Cloudberry is very shady..don't eat it....

Cap'n Marrrrk said...

Skip the day, don't take the meds.

Especially when your hands become lobster claws and the kids depend on you for belaying.

However, the taking of, or the non-taking of may in fact cause you to go sky diving, barefoot.

You have poetic thoughts, that come out nice when you express them.

How the fuck are the spammers still getting in?

Madge said...

keep eating the pad thai, please. because i will never skydive either.

Monkey said...

I won't be skydiving or bungee jumping either. I miss the old Sesame Street, in more ways than I say here. And shoes can transform a whole day from poopy to fine in the two seconds it takes to put them on.

Not that I wear shoes, but I've been told this. Oh yes, I have.

babyjewels said...

My feelings were hurt today, when I went out of my way to let someone in and they didn't give me the curtesy wave. bastards!

Juliabohemian said...

that skit was originally used on an episiode of the Muppet show during the early 80's. I own a record that has it. I mean an actual vinyl record.

Henri Banks said...

Realy a shame it was fun ,you have realy cool pics but now i gonna leave my hands of And John Denver was Cool !!!

Ben O. said...

Where did you find a set of lobster claws?

I've been looking all over for them.

Ben O.

austinizer said...

sorry i was late. all is well. check it out and tell your friends! :)

Heather said...

I miss the Grover skit.. Near.. (run away from screen).. Far.. (run back to screen).. Near

Oh good times.

DaMasta said...

I had to reset my Tamagotchi so many damn times, I think it died on me cause it just didn't want to be killed anymore by me. does that make sense?

If cloudberries are made of, well, clouds. which are made of air and water, i think. then you're getting ripped off.

Spinning Girl said...

Hedymack: Yeah! I don't think it's Grover though, it's some other little hairy guy. I remember that. Then he breaks it down and goes, "all of my brothers and all of my sisters and all of the people are near.... (trots to back...) and far.... ". it might even be the same little guy from the "munaduhnuh" skit.

Cap'n Marrrrk said...

No, it's Grover

Spinning Girl said...

oh yeahhhhh, it IS Grover. I'm confusing it with the one that goes, "all of us are here, some, none" with the other little furry guy. Then he breaks into the aforementioned "all of my brothers and all of my sisters are here", then some, then none. Yeah, SS ROCKS!

Phil said...

My favorite of Grover's will always be his classic western, "Around, around, around, around, over, and under, and through." Timeless.

Calvin said...

Quote I heard:

"What other people think about me is none of my business. What I think that they think about me occupies my whole day."

I wish I could come up with stuff like this instead of just quoting it.