October 04, 2005

Tagged ... Right in the Nostalgia!

I've been tagged by Rex Tremendae Majestatis to list 10 things I would like to see return. Well, that should be easy!

  1. Tamagotchi. Specifically, my Tama, named Pabi, that I killed yesterday.
  2. Whalebone corsets. For men, too.
  3. Bottles of milk delivered to my classroom, with a foil top for punching your straw through. Flavored milk!!!
  4. While we're on classroom deliveries, Fluoride rinses affectionately known as "swish-n-spit"
  5. In-classroom head checks for lice
  6. ... And in-classroom plaque-revealing red chewy pills!
  7. Naptime
  8. That Sesame Street song about the Shape of a Square, Can You Fiiiiiiiiiiiiind It? (It plays in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, when all of the toys turn on by themselves)
  9. Those little scooter carts you sit on in gym class and run your fingers over.
  10. Calling gym class "gym", instead of P.E.
  11. Calling sewing and cooking classes their proper names, instead of "family studies"
  12. Calling all things by their proper names. Like "bombardment" instead of "dodgeball".
  13. The Ford Pinto. They didn't all blow up; we had three that didn't. Until the end, but that was just for disposal.
  14. That was ten, right? Oh what the heck, one more: Mom's haircuts.

I tag Heather, Julia, Sea Hag, Baby Jewels, and Ticharu. Thanks for the game, your Greatness!


FRITZ said...

Do you have off today? GOOD LIST. We're in the same vein. My list included Bustles

Shanshu said...

Scooter Carts in gym ROCKED! Those days, along with dodgeball days were the best gym days, ever.

Ahhhhh. I miss those giant red rubber balls.

Spinning Girl said...

Today is Rosh Hashanah! My school is off! Yippee!

Spinning Girl said...

Shan--and the parachute, too.

UberGoober said...

I "LOVED" cage ball on the scooters in gym. ahhh the good old days. Nothing says fun like losing your grip and running over your hand with one of those hard rubber wheels.

P.S. You look like the Dutch Boy from the paint can in that pic.


Juliabohemian said...

okay, I remember the lice checks in school. I would LOVE to see Close Encounters on the big screen. I think you might be out of luck with Carl Sagan though.

Cap'n Marrrrk said...

We used to combine scooters AND bombardment in: Scooter Scatter Ball. Same rules, you just happened to be on the scooter.

And what was up with the "Special Edition" of CC3K? What a lame ass ending. Roy, you selfish bastard, you left your fucking wife to go into space! Hope you like your probes, though thanks to Relativistic Travel, by the time you get back to tell us, we'll all be old.

Yes dodgeball puts you on the wall, bombardment is run around.

Me, I want to see the Pacer make a return. I'm sure the whales take issue with the corset.

What's up with that hair? Crazy.

Sleep Goblin said...

My teacher called the tent "mushroom", and I loved it, pretending I was a little fairy under a mushroom.

Also, I saw a little girl in headgear yesterday. Poor thing, out in public like that.

Thirdly, the fact that you seriously still have your tamagotchi makes you 10 times cooler than you were yesterday!

*runs off to find mine*

Cap'n Marrrrk said...

Yessss! The Parachute! I almost put that down. Damn you Morris! Though it looks as though SG beat us both.

Just remember, excessive nostolga can mean your getting old.

I'd personally like to bring back the 6' Graphix, but that would be oh so wrong.

RitMeyer said...

Great list, mom's haircuts had me on the floor! PE...what a joke!

Calzone said...

Remember doin acid and finding a bum passed out in the middle of a city street? Remem ber not knowing if it was even real but wanting to make sure the dude wasnt run over by a car? Then when you went up to help the bum started yelling at you and waving his arms? Remember being confused? Remember the yuppie that showed up and pushed you away and yelled at you because he thought you hurt the bum?? Remember feeling upset and angry?

Those parachute things were cool too.

TinaPoPo said...

Hey, how'd you get that picture of my sister?

Pizzle said...

OMG! The parachute!!! That was the best!

That pic of the headgear kid almost made me spit up my foil-topped milk. Awesome.

FRITZ said...

Dave: I LOVED the parachute. LOVED it. When I put my tarp on my motorcycle when it's not in the garage, I pretend it's the parachute and have someone help me. And then, I put a rock on the tarp and quick! throw it into the air and try to catch it, and then I run under the tarp when it's full of air and then I duck back out...and oh, it's almost as good as riding the motorcycle itself.

babyjewels said...

That was a great meme and those picture links rocked! Can't wait to do mine now.

ticharu said...

Gym class... my insides shrival, my eyelids flicker, and there is a strange welling up in my throat... memories... gosh...

B.O.B.I. said...

AAHHH! Dodgeball! Carts! The fucking tent! Anybody ever done all three while the Obstacle Course was set up?

THAT was an odd day.

Ok, did anybody ever have the giant balls with handles you could bounce around on? I LOVED those things!