August 11, 2005

Rules to Live By

Mr. G posted "Rules to Live By" on his blog this past weekend, and I quite enjoyed reading his thoughts. I decided to re-post my comments here. Maybe you can help me add to my budding list of Rules.

1. Generally, men (and women) who have sloppy ear/eye hygiene have sloppy hygiene elsewhere.

2. Slinky: Fun for a girl AND a boy.

3. Listen more than you speak.

4. Err on the side of caution, kindness, or both.

5. Taste first, then add salt. And then when you salt, use kosher or sea salt.

6. While we're on food: grow & use fresh herbs.

7. Be nice to (and appreciative of) the custodian.

8. If you decide to shave, do it every day. Nobody likes stubble, not anywhere. Yes, it's work, but it's niiiiiiiiice.

9. Use your nice dishes, even when it's just you. Who're ya saving 'em for?

10. Dress pretty to go to the store. You never know when you might end up on the news...or fine-tuning your skewering skills with the meat guy.


Sam said...

I totally agree! Not that I follow all the rules but they are good ones.

larin von smartass said...

i enjoyed your rules! very thurough.

-remember to live before you die

mr_g said...

Thanks for the plug! Sorry it took me a day or two to get here! Those are good ones!

With respect to #5 this drives me nuts! When cook something and someone asks for salt before even tasking it, I want to dump it over their heads!

babyjewels said...

Measure twice, cut once.

(learned this the hard way while I was sewing a halloween costume for my son. did throw a very sweet tourettes style fit. calmed down and bought more material.)