January 31, 2010

Wait, you start blogging again, and you are talking about a LOG?!?


Jamwall and I have been burning eco-logs from time to time.  
He recently picked up this one made from recycled coffee grounds.  
I want to pour the smell down my throat!
I suddenly crave biscotti!
I am jittery and jumpy!
This post sucks.
I'm trying to come back.  Be gentle.


Freewheel said...

So you didn't have time to blog because you were busy burning stuff??

Welcome back!

Osbasso said...

Glad to know you're still alive, and not drawn and quartered and frozen in the freezer in the basement!

Sis B said...

I wouldn't consider a post that starts with "Jamwall and I" necessarily sucky. But that's just me.

Glad to see you here again. :)

Sleep Goblin said...

I would say I've missed you, but I haven't, because I have daily doses of you via other mediums.

I, too, am attempting to recover my blogging voice. I think if I ever get a house with a fireplace like I want to, this log will have to be remembered...

Bobby said...

its hard coming back after a break. you can do it, and i can too.

missed ya!!