May 02, 2009

Carvel? Dude? ... we are not fooled.

Listen here now, Carvel. I'm onto you. Did you really think you could pull off this little stunt? We totally know that Fudgie the Whale and Santa ice cream cakes are pod brothers.

Cookie Puss, Cookie O'Puss, and several cakes of my youth (Hot Air Balloon, Light Bulb, Graduate) were all suspiciously similar in shape. Looks like you cleaned your act up in that department, but no one is fooled by the Fudgie-Santa conspiracy. It takes more than a 90 degree turn and a frosting change to fool this chica.


jamwall said...

As long as I can smoke it, I don't care.

Tactless Wonder said...

I just had a flashback of those old grainy commercials...I haven't seen them in a very long helps not to live in a state where Carvel exists. And now, with this conspiracy afoot! Best not to.