July 07, 2008

Online Magnetic Poetry

This is too fun.
You wanna try, huh?
Click the picture to do so,
then come back here & share your poem with us.


damasta said...

yesterday we sail
devour your velvet
translucent sky
magic kiss

Think Frustrated said...

Here's mine:

Yesterday's woman with
A slow, cold smile,
Her kiss like a sacred sail in
An ocean of translucent, warm desire:
Wear this soft, ghostly fever and
Remember my magic
Broken, but vast.

Kind of fizzled at the end.

Tits McGee said...

you naked smile
ask for fever candy
give in baby

mr_g said...

Worry on woman
Wake or say why
With Velvet trust
Up the wet sky
Yesterday it was young
Translucent stream through you we speak

(Maybe I tripped at one too many shows, but I kinda get it....)