July 02, 2008

Meme Summer 2008: Material Possessions

Your turn to answer!

If you were only allowed to have 5 material possessions, what would they be? (excluding food, water, shelter)


Osbasso said...

My laptop computer (with lifetime guarantee of no problems. And internet access).
A grand piano.
My golf clubs.
A Bible (always good to have)
My framed, autographed nekkid picture of SG.

damasta said...

My Blackberry.
My Blankie.
My Pirates of the Carribean DVD.
My big screen tv with DVD player.
My framed, autographed nekkid picture of SG.

Bobby said...

A lifetime supply of cigarettes.
A lifetime supply of bourbon.
A lifetime of pepsi to drink with the bourbon.
A extremely well connected laptop, with a lifetime battery.
A DVD of dirty things that SG has done to watch over, and over, and over,.....

oh, and over.....

mr_g said...

An electric generator that runs on hydropower
A mega-multi-pack of bic lighters
A vase-shaped device for vapor intake
My computer with air card
A really really big bag of...oooo, look, a wave! Gnarly!

Diedre said...

My blankie
my bed
my pillow
my tv
my framed, autographed nekkid picture of SG.

Osbasso said...

Geez, yer passin' out those framed, autographed nekkid pictures of SG like candy, aren't you?

Where do I find that DVD?

Spinning Girl said...

Well, WalMart would only do the portrait if I bought at least 20 5x7 prints. Bastards! After my granny and sisters, I didn't know who else to give them to. Thank goodness for Blogland!!!

Twirling Girl said...

A car
A phone
An awesomely comfortable bed
Something to listen to music with (iPod, CD player or something)
A solid roof over my head

damasta said...

Just a roof?