June 20, 2008

Summer Bliss

There's something so sweet and simple about sitting in my PJ's on a summer morning, windows thrown wide, drinking coffee when I should be at work, or doing something. But school ended yesterday, and there's perhaps no more favorite day than this one, the first day of a long summer stretched out before me. And I have such long tales to tell, but it's too much work to put them all into words, and how do I anyway find the words to tell the rapture of singing at Carnegie Hall, the horror of a young life stolen, or the butterflyish anticipation of spending the rest of my life with Jamwall? So I'll just drink my cup of coffee and listen to the hawk screaming outside and look at my pretty petunias and bask, and return to the page when I am able.


Weary Hag said...

Welcome to the world of the lazy hazies. It IS nice to have the entire summer laid out in front of you as you sip your favorite morning beverage.

I wonder if you won't relax a little now and slow down enough to enjoy it.

Happy summertime, young one.

mr_g said...

One more thing to miss about teaching....enjoy!

Madge said...

drink it all in + take your time.

jamwall said...

butterflyish anticipation with a cowbell percussion.