March 02, 2008

Sunday morning list from inside my head.

  • I can't believe I am going to go tutor a kid on a Sunday.
  • What was I thinking?!?!?
  • Hmm, I think Jamwall makes much better coffee than me. Mine tastes brown.
  • Where can I buy juniper berries?
  • Norton kinda sucks.
  • Do you think they make the subscription key impossible to find so that I will just upgrade to make my life easier?
  • I think so.
  • Daily posting will make me a better blogger.
  • You know what else would make me better?
  • Posts with substance.
  • Oh, I've only been blocked for about a year now.
  • Did anyone notice?
  • Is blogging dying out?
  • What's the next new thing?


jamwall said...

My coffee rules in your pants!

jamwall said...

Oh and juniper berries can be found in the spice aisle.

SHGIFUL <---- Its in the spice aisle fo' shgiful!

Scarlet Hip said...

This was like reading my own thoughts.
Except for the Jamwall part.

amera hearts said...

ha ha. i hate blogging buti do it for my own piece of mind. not that anyone is every interested in what i say! it's mostly stupid!

why do you need juniper berries?

miss kendra said...

completely unrelated but i thought you'd like: cute!

Slyde said...

i would love to do the "daily" blog thing, but i just cant bring myself to sit and do it every night.

best case for me is 3 posts per week...

Butchie said...

Juniper Berries