February 18, 2008

I'm away, so let's play Spinningories!

Scattergories style ... Your responses must begin with the first letter of your name.
I say and you think?

Famous Musician: Strauss
3 letter word: Sip
Street name: Sesame Street
Color: Sunflower
Vehicle: Subaru
TV Show: Scrubs
City: Seattle
Boy Name: Sean
Girl Name: Susan
Alcoholic Drink:
Salty Chihuahua
Occupation: Surgeon
Flower: Sasanqua
Celebrity: Sonny Bono
Famous Leader: Sununu
Toy: Slinky
Animal: Snake
Food: Spaghetti
Something found in a kitchen: Spoons
Cartoon Character: Snoopy

Clothing item: Socks
Type of dessert: Souffle (of
rapberry & chocolate, yum)
Reason for Being Late: Some sort of clusterfuck on I-95
Something You Throw Away: Silmy cucumbers
Something to treasure: Sapphire
Something to fear: Sanity, leaving.
Something that gives hope: Smile

[Swiped most unscrupulously from Christine.]


jamwall said...

Famous Musician: Jamwall
3 letter word: jam
Street name: Johnson St. NE
Color: jade
Vehicle: Jeep
TV Show: Jackass
City: Jacksonville
Boy Name: Jake
Girl Name: Jennifer
Alcoholic Drink: Jack Daniels
Occupation: Judge
Flower: Juniper
Celebrity: Jake Gyllenhaal
Famous Leader: Josef Stalin
Toy: Jumping Jacks
Animal: Jaguar
Food: Jam
Something found in a kitchen: Jamwall's pants
Cartoon Character: Jerry (from Tom and Jerry)
Clothing item: Jacket
Type of dessert: Jubilee (with cherries)
Reason for Being Late: Just a bit slow gettin outta bed!
Something You Throw Away: junk
Something to treasure: jules
Something to fear: Jaegermeister
Something that gives hope: Jello snacks.

B.E. Earl said...

Famous Musician: Bono
3 letter word: Boo
Street name: Bourbon Street
Color: um, Blue?
Vehicle: Bicycle
TV Show: Boston Legal
City: Brainerd
Boy Name: Billy Bob
Girl Name: Billie Jean
Alcoholic Drink: Brandy
Occupation: Bean Counter
Flower: Bird of Paradise
Celebrity: Bruce Jenner
Famous Leader: ech, don't make me type it. Howabout Bonaparte?
Toy: Ball
Animal: Beluga whale
Food: Bar-B-Que
Something found in a kitchen: Baking Soda
Cartoon Character: Batman
Clothing item: Bra
Type of dessert: Blueberry pie
Reason for Being Late: Bullshit...alway blame it on bullshit.
Something You Throw Away: bags o' crap
Something to treasure: Bright sunshine
Something to fear: brain aneurysm
Something that gives hope: B.E. Earl

elizabeth said...

Famous Musician: Ella F. baby!
3 letter word: Eek
Street name: Eglington
Color: errrr - ecru
Vehicle: Explorer
TV Show: E.R.
City: Effingham
Boy Name: Ezrah
Girl Name: Elsie
Alcoholic Drink:Everything
Occupation: Emu minder
Flower: Eidelweiss
Celebrity:Enrique Iglesias
Famous Leader: Queen Elizabeth
Toy: Echo location device (does that count?)
Animal: Ent (well... it's not really a plant per say...)
Food: emulsions
Something found in a kitchen: Easy bake oven (LOL)
Cartoon Character: Elasta girl
Clothing item: Equipment (lol)
Type of dessert: Easy chocolate cake
Reason for Being Late: Escalator broke
Something You Throw Away: Eye sores
Something to treasure: Etchings
Something to fear: Endoscopes
Something that gives hope:

elizabeth said...

Something that gives hope - emotion (in particular love ;-))

tuuna taco said...

Famous Musician: Telemann
3 letter word: Tit
Street name: Tulip Lane
Color: Teal
Vehicle: Toyota
TV Show: The Apprentice! (does that count?) Also, The Office!!
City: Tallahassee
Boy Name: Timothy
Girl Name: Tammy
Alcoholic Drink: Tonic & Gin (that's ok, right?)
Occupation: Teacher!
Flower: Tulip
Celebrity: Tina Turner (2 points!)
Famous Leader: Thomas Jefferson
Toy: Tinker Toys (2 points!)
Animal: Tiger
Food: Taco! Also Tuna! Also Tuuna Tacos! (2 points)
Something found in a kitchen: Towel
Cartoon Character: Tom (as in & Jerry)
Clothing item: Tank Top (2 points!)
Type of dessert: Tiramisu
Reason for Being Late: Traffic
Something You Throw Away: Tissues
Something to treasure: True friends, like sisters
Something to fear: Thickets (getting caught in them). Ok, I'm out of T-words here.
Something that gives hope: The war on Terror (stupid answer)

Word verification: hrsymekp
hairspray and make up!

tuuna taco said...

This was so easy. Challenge me!

Kat said...

Famous Musician: Khachaturian, Aram (Ivan and Natasha)
3 letter word: Kit
Street name: Kinross Street
Color: Khaki
Vehicle: K-car
TV Show: Kitchen Nightmares
City: Kitchener, ON
Boy Name: Kyle
Girl Name: Kaitlyn
Alcoholic Drink: Kahlua
Occupation: Kitchen Manager
Flower: King's Spear
Celebrity: Kathleen Turner
Famous Leader: Katherine the Great
Toy: Kite
Animal: Koala
Food: Kobe beef
Something found in a kitchen: Knife
Cartoon Character: Kathy
Clothing item: Knickers
Type of dessert: Key Lime Pie
Reason for Being Late: Kept on pressing snooze
Something You Throw Away:Key
Something to treasure: Kids
Something to fear:Kidnappers
Something that gives hope:Knight in shining armor

Madge said...

Famous Musician: Mozart
3 letter word: map
Street name: Morrison
Color: mint
Vehicle: Mercedes
TV Show: Mary Tyler Moore
City: Miami
Boy Name: Matthew
Girl Name: Mary
Alcoholic Drink: Midori sour
Occupation: mail carrier
Flower: marigold
Celebrity: Madonna
Famous Leader: Mussolini
Toy: Matchbox Car
Animal: manatee
Food: meatballs
Something found in a kitchen: mustard
Cartoon Character: Mighty Mouse
Clothing item: mini-skirt
Type of dessert: mousse
Reason for Being Late: missed bus
Something You Throw Away: matches
Something to treasure: Madge
Something to fear: midgets
Something that gives hope: message

Marisa said...

Famous Musician: Morrison
3 letter word: mug
Street name: Main St
Color: mauve
Vehicle: moped
TV Show: Mister Ed
City: Manhattan
Boy Name: Marc
Girl Name: Mabel
Alcoholic Drink: margarita
Occupation: math professor
Flower: moonflower
Celebrity: Marilyn Monroe
Famous Leader: Margaret Thatcher
Toy: magna-doodle
Animal: moose
Food: manicotti
Something found in a kitchen: magnets
Cartoon Character: Mickey Mouse
Clothing item: mini skirt
Type of dessert: mousse
Reason for Being Late: my Mogwai ate after midnight!
Something You Throw Away: moldy muffins
Something to treasure: memories
Something to fear: mob mentality
Something that gives hope: music

Twirling Girl said...

Famous Musician: Tchaikovsky
3 letter word: Top
Street name: Talmadge Rd.
Color: Taupe
Vehicle: Toyota
TV Show: The Apprentice
City: Tulsa
Boy Name: Tomas
Girl Name: Tiina
Alcoholic Drink: Triple Martini
Occupation: Teacher
Flower: Tulip
Celebrity: Tom Cruise
Famous Leader: Thomas Jefferson
Toy: Twister
Animal: Tadpole
Food: Tortellini
Something found in a kitchen: Toaster
Cartoon Character: Tweetie Bird
Clothing item: Tank Top
Type of dessert: Torte
Reason for Being Late: Traffic
Something You Throw Away: Trash
Something to treasure: Time Alone
Something to fear: Tiger Shark
Something that gives hope: Thoughtfulness

amera hearts said...

crap. things like this make me feel odd for not thinking of witty repsonses, but here you go:

Famous Musician: Areosmith (only because I just read slappy's post about music)
3 letter word: Abs
Street name: America First Blvd.
Color: Amber
Vehicle: Alero
TV Show: American Idol
City: Amsterdam
Boy Name: Amastad
Girl Name: Amalie
Alcoholic Drink: Arch Frienemy
Occupation: Assasin
Flower: Almond Tree
Celebrity: Adam Ant
Famous Leader: A king
Toy: Arrows
Animal: Anaconda
Food: Apricots
Something found in a kitchen: Apron
Cartoon Character: Arnie Pie from the Simpsons
Clothing item: Ankle bracelet
Type of dessert: Apple cake
Reason for Being Late: Attack of some sort
Something You Throw Away: A gross piece of lettuce
Something to treasure: nothing comes to mind
Something to fear: anger
Something that gives hope: a twinkle in someones eye

BeckEye said...

Famous Musician: Beethoven
3 letter word: Boy
Street name: Broadway
Color: Blue
Vehicle: Buick
TV Show: Bosom Buddies
City: Boston
Boy Name: Brett
Girl Name: Uh...Becky
Alcoholic Drink: Beer
Occupation: Bartender
Flower: Begonia
Celebrity: Barry Bonds
Famous Leader: Benazir Bhutto
Toy: Building blocks
Animal: Bear
Food: Burger
Something found in a kitchen: Blender
Cartoon Character: Bugs Bunny
Clothing item: Blouse
Type of dessert: Banana split
Reason for Being Late: Being me
Something You Throw Away: Bad bananas
Something to treasure: Baubles
Something to fear: Breaking my neck
Something that gives hope: Britney Spears (because at least I'm not her)