January 04, 2008


I was so very envious when Todd and Brooke participated in NaBloPoMo. How wonderful to be "forced" to post every day for an entire month. It's hard!!! Right, Madge? I've been so very lame in my posting. So today I resolve to post, but I am keeping my posting goals very small. But let's all participate! I am calling it ...

Spinnerina's Blog Posting Day

My challenge to you, fellow blogger, is to POST TODAY. Even if you haven't blogged in a few days, weeks, even months, TODAY IS OUR DAY. Now go out there, and air your naughties!!!!
As for me, I'd like to share a few thoughts:
  • I gave Jamwall an Avenging Narwhal for Christmas. I also gave him ... never mind. Although, strangely ... the red welt on my ass is identical to the shape of his hand.
  • My tree is still up, and I light it every night, and I will do so until February 1. It's SpiLiChriTre, after all!
  • I went and saw The Singing Revolution, and I am so very glad I did. If you live in or near NYC, perhaps you should too. We are a small, proud nation!!!
  • I discovered that my Personal DNA personality type is "benevolent architect." I like that; I'm going to call myself that.
  • Henceforth, you shall refer to me as "Benevolent Architect Spinnerina." You will commence in your comments.
  • Hover your mouse over each of the colors in the crazy-ass grid below, to see what that means:


Ambitious Blonde said...

I love the phrase "benevolent architect". And I will post something today in your honor. :)

jamwall said...

I was making welt-shaped shadow puppets on your behind. Didn't you notice the red mark in the shape of an avenging Norwahl impaling a cute koala?

Sleep Goblin said...

1. Blog today - Check
2. Call you benevolent architect..

Hello benevolent architect Spinnerina!! Perhaps one day I will study you along with the other architects I study.


3. Watch movie.. Okay, I live nowhere near New York, but I did put it in my Netflix queue the other day, so - Check! (Yeah, it's in Netflix!! Though that doesn't actually mean they'll get it...)

Madge said...

Yes. It was very hard. And apparently this was hard, too. I missed out -- but, I might have the ability to work something out with my time machine and post on January 04. From the future.

Scarlet Hip said...

If I had read this four days ago, I so would have blogged.

J said...

Damn, I just took the personal DNA test and the two "very high"s I got were "very high trust" (so not) and "very high masculinity" (no comment). Congratulations on your benevolent status!