January 07, 2008

3 cool things

OK, I know all you weenies probably know about it already, but I just learned about Google 411. Guess I'm late with everything! Watch the video in case you want to learn more:

& read about it here.

or try Google's text message query feature, which allows me to Google by sending a text message with my question via my cell phone, and receive a return text message from Google with the answer.

For example, if I want to find a pizza shop near my home, I type a text message "Pizza shop 43214" and send the message to 466453 (GOOGLE). A moment later I receive a text message or two with the shops and addresses.

Hope Google cuts me a big fat check for all this free advertising!!!

2. How about 411-SONG (1-866-411-SONG)? If you hear a song you like on the car radio, you dial this number and then hold your phone up to the radio. It identifies the song and then texts you the song name and artist (free), as well as an option to download (not so free). Righteous!!!


jamwall said...

I only play "Don't Fear the Reaper" over and over and over again. So my song is easy to guess.

Think Frustrated said...

Very cool. However, you would think that a techie, like the Goog guy in the video, would have a more high-tech phone than the Razr.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Amazing technology. Thanks for the info. This is better than Google Earth!

DaMasta said...

google text is my friend. you can also get step by step directions by typing: directions from (starting address) to (destination address).