December 13, 2007

belated Birthday goodness!

These thanks are so long overdue that it's embarrassing. On my birthday (Nov. 5) I received not one, but two, bouquets at work from far-away admirers!

The first bouquet was from Jamwall, muse of my muse, my midnight heavy-breather and my morning wake-up call, hand to my puppet self, master of my secret inner teacher-slut:

The second was from Osbasso, awakener of my inner half-nekkid dancing sprite, solo enthusiastic applauder in my audience of one:

Thank you both for such surprising wonderfulness! Such unexpected kindness made my day, my week, my entire birthday month.


jamwall said...

Trying to fit myself in the large box proved to be difficult.

Osbasso said...

You didn't mention the chocolate that came with it. Or the half-nekkid picture that you sent back as a thank you!