May 17, 2012

3 Things Meme, Spinnerina Style

This made me giggle today, so worth the repost ...

I've seen this thingy here and there, and thought it might be fun to play. It just needed a new spin on it, so I made up new categories.

3 Things I Often Say Aloud

  • Time to sample for Quality!
  • Hey, lover.
  • What's goin' on?
3 Things I Say Inside My Head
  • Shut up you stupid, stupid cow.
  • I could kill you with my bare hands.
  • Nice fupa.
3 Things I Really Should Throw Out
  • A dress I fit into in 1995 that I hope to fit into again one day. Then I'll throw it out.
  • The half and half ... it's making some sort of strange grainy things in my coffee.
  • My entire collection of jeans, and start over.
3 Ways I Hope I Don't Die
  • Eaten by cougar or bear
  • Fire / house invasion (tie)
  • Drowning / sharks (tie)
3 Flavors I Can't Stand
  • Caraway seeds
  • Black licorice
  • Chalky liquid medicines, a la Pepto
3 Yoga Positions I Can Get Into

3 Positions I Can't Get Into

3 Articles of Clothing That I Won't Wear
  • Mock turtleneck
  • Corduroy pants
  • Spike Heels
3 Ways I Think I Make the World a Better Place
  • I make people laugh
  • I am kind to people who are flustered in the grocery store line
  • I sing


tuuna taco said...

You are a beautiful person, through and through.

jamwall said...

I've always wanted to contort my body so I have my hand protruding out of my bum bum just like the gal in the picture!

jamwall said...

Except I'd use a handpuppet.

Monkey said...

What the?? "I'de use a handpuppet"?? What sort of depraved place is this?

I too do not want to be eaten by a bear.

I've missed you.

Dave Morris said...

If the person in the grocery store line is presently in a yoga position your incapable of, does the ensuing aggravation-slash-jealousy cancel out the kindness? It definitely would for me. I'm just sayin'

Dave Morris said...

By "your," of course I meant "you're"...

And by "jealous," I mean "feel like killing them with your bare hands."

Anonymous said...

HOLY COW! Someone else who knows what a FUPA is!


Anonymous said...

And I had to skip the yoga positions. They turned me on too much.


J said...

Yay. Everyone should sing.

I often think I would like to be eaten by a bear.

miss kendra said...

this makes me want to blog.

you've performed a miracle!

Pope Terry said...

since when is having a hand come out your arse a yoga position.

I dont hit people thats how I make the world a better place...

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