November 02, 2007

OK, this is just the best thing ever.

4-year-old calls 9-1-1 for math help. If you haven't seen this yet, you'll soon get it by email.


Kat said...

I only call 911 when I need room service.

miss kendra said...

omg i love that kid.

his logic is sound.

Scarlet Hip said...

What four year old does take aways!?

jamwall said...

If you have trouble with your mouth, I can help you anytime.

Weary Hag said...

My daughter embarrassed me to death when she came home from school one day in about 2nd grade, picked up the phone and called 911 just because they learned it in school and she wanted to see if they were pulling her leg.

Mind you, I walked in the room mid-stream and screamed for her to hang up immediately and because of that (and she did so), the cops were at our door inside of 10 minutes to see if the child was okay. Can you STAND it?

They heard an adult say "Hang that phone up NOW" and hurried over. I wanted to kill her but instead just strung her up by the overalls on the ceiling fan for awhile.