February 06, 2007

Hag Lovin'

Love and adoration!
In the form of gifts, from Her Royal Highness the Sea Hag. Lookit!:

There was a bovine card.

How now? Say the kitties.,

Jinx & Tyson

There were tufts of fur.

This makes me feel a little funny in my tum tum.

A bitchin' T-shirt!
Oh wait, I should model it ...

Here's what it will look like when I wear it.

Assorted items!
A sticker I almost put on my car,
and then reconsidered ... pink taco? ...
Hot Lips hot candies!
And a wiggly gross finger pen,
and a pen that says dirty stuff.
A $3 nail file from Vegas!
and some key-chains.

The Prize of Prizes,

a fortune-telling apparatus.

I can't wait to play!

A magnet.

This is the 2nd voodoo gift I have gotten.

What must you think of me?

I plan to use this scapegoat to eliminate

some of my recent angst.

Oh thank you, thank you, LBSeaHag,

for your spontaneous postal love!!!


jamwall said...

seahag is so postal!

makes me want to cover myself in stamp adhesive.

Lee Ann said...

wow, very good gifts!

Butchieboy said...

Your boobs look really pointy in that shirt.

jiggs said...

those gifts are mega bitchin!

amusingly, I was asked to give a word verification, but there was no word there. so I had to type random characters until it gave me one.

sleepydog said...

SG - Just wanted to drop in and say thanks for visiting my site and checking out the tunes.

Melissa said...

Great gifts! I loved the interactive greeting card with the Bambi-eyed bovine on the front.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I brought home all my female friends "Pink Taco" thongs as a gag gift when I went to Vegas....;)

Ashley said...

I love scavenger hunts!!

Bill said...

I just don't know what to say to all this. I'm left commentless.

Jeans Pants said...

Kitties are adorable

LBseahag said...

I was away from the internet for about a week, and what a pleasant surprise to see this...

muah...you are totally my hero...

Nutz On A Roll said...

wow, you're so lucky you got a care package from Seahag. I hope one day I'll be as lucky! Neat stuff!