November 24, 2006

Oh, Lenny and Lenny

I spotted a pair of Lenny-Kravtiz-look-alike identical twins at the grocery store today. Yum and yum. Double yum. Double yum-flavored trouble clothed in tight jeans and pointy boots. In response to my tale, Twirling Girl sent me these:

Triple yum-flavored trouble in very little clothing at all.


Brookelina said...

Stop it you freak!! I swear today I was listening to American Woman and thinking about how unbelievably hot Lenny is.

Anonymous said...

The trifuckta. Mmmmm.

miss kendra said...

the middle one is my favorite.

and he's a nice jewish boy.

LBseahag said...

That first one looks more like that milli vanilli guy!

Anonymous said...

I think that maybe you should post a warning about this entry. I was not ready to be so... flustered this early in the morning (not quite 6am). Number three really did me in.

I have always loved him.